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Alien: Isolation comic


Alien: Isolation comic was released at San Diego Comic Con 2014, limited for attendees of the show. The comic was a promotional item for the release of the game by Sega and The Creative Assembly.

Alien: Isolation comic entitled Pins continues with episode 2 entitled A Decent Man and episode 3 entitled A Warm Place. The stories are set before the events of Amanda Ripley arriving on the Sevastopol station with episode 2 continuing the story of A Decent Man.

The Sevastopol space station controlled by Apollo mainframe is the location where a sizable colony lived before being decommissioned and a large alien infestation. The Sevastopol orbits around a gas giant called KG348, aboard there are service androids, colonist and marshals, all have their role aboard the station with service androids helping any humans and armed marshals patrolling around the station. The station's marshals are run by Waits who has a number of marshals under his command including Harris, Garcia and Turner. During a normal patrol in the corridors they find dead bodies just before an alien arrives killing Harris and Garcia, later a colonist gets armed and kills a fellow colonist called Ross, this leads Chuck the service android (working joe 937) along to investigate but he kills the colonist only to be killed himself moments later by Waits.


Alien Isolation comic

The comic includes;
Story written by comic novelist and writer Dan Abnett along with Will Porter and Dion Lay.
Artwork by Henry Flint
24 pages


The Alien: Isolation comic was released as part of a promotional item for the 2014 game, it has since been bundled with the US Alien: Isolation release.

The comic continues and leads into the game as Amanda Ripley arrives. In the Games Con Improvise CGI trailer, Amanda along with Samuels are speaking to a Marshal as Taylor lies injured.


Alien: Isolation comic is set before the game Alien: Isolation.

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