Alien: Sea of Sorrows
Alien Sea of Sorrows


Alien: Sea of Sorrows. (release 25 July 2014)


Alien: Sea of Sorrows, the second of three books by Titan Books, written by James A. Moore an American horror novelist and short story writer. The story continues with Ellen Ripley's descendants, set after the film Alien Resurrection on LV178.

'As a deputy commissioner for the ICC, Alan Decker's job is to make sure the settlements on LV178 follow all the rules, keeping the colonists safe. But the planet known as New Galveston holds secrets, lurking deep beneath the toxic sands dubbed the Sea of Sorrows. The Weyland-Yutani Corporation has secrets of its own, as Decker discovers when he is forced to join a team of mercenaries sent to investigate an ancient excavation. Somewhere in that long-forgotten dig lies the thing the company wants most in the universe - a living Xenomorph. Decker doesn't understand why they need him, until his own past comes back to haunt him. Centuries ago, his ancestor fought the Aliens, launching a bloody vendetta that was never satisfied. That was when the creatures swore revenge on the Destroyer - Ellen Ripley.'


Written by James A. Moore, Alien: Sea of Sorrows is set tangential with Ripley aboard the Nostromo and Narcissus and her space flight.

The story's synopsis follows, 'A direct follow-up to Alien: Out of the Shadows, this adventure reveals the far-reaching impact of events seen in that novel. It shows the continuing malevolent influence of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation, and their inexorable efforts to weaponize the Xenomorph known as the Alien.'


Author James A. Moore.


Alien: Sea of Sorrows occurs 290 years after the events of the film Alien.

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Alien: Sea of Sorrows


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