Alien: The Illustrated Story
Alien-The Illustrated Story (Original Art Edition)


Alien-The Illustrated Story.


Included in the Alien: The Illustrated Story is the black & white comic strip, scanned from the artist’s original art boards, plus an in-depth interview with Walt Simonson the illustrator and the original script pages, colour tryouts and sketches.


Alien the illustrated story2

Published by Titan Books Ltd in 2012 in a variety of formats, including hardback the Alien: The Illustrated Story is available in colour, black and white, paperback and full colour illustrated comic strip. First published in 1979 and available on paperback from Futura Publications, Alien: The Illustrated Story is a graphic novelization of the screenplay of the film Alien, published with the release of the film Alien and re-released with the release of the film Prometheus in 2012.

Unlike novelizations, books and comics that use the title of a film and edit it into something tangential from the original, Alien-The Illustrated Story follows the story completely as if released to complement the film. Alien The Illustrated Story includes the crew waking from stasis and setting down on LV426, damaging the Nostromo and having Brett and Parker stay aboard while Dallas, Kane and Lambert investigate. Subsequently Kane is infected and brought back aboard the Nostromo, they takeoff and continue their flight, all seemingly well as the face hugger dies and Kane returns to duty. Later and more horrific than in the film the chest burster emerges and wrecks havoc, shortly growing much larger and setting about killing the crew only leaving Ripley to escape in the Narcissus after setting the destruct aboard the Nostromo. Again like in the film just before entering into her stasis the alien emerges aboard, Ripley adorns a spacesuit and expels the creature into the void, as the story finishes.


The comic includes;
Story written by Archie Goodwin
Artwork by Walter Simonson
60 pages

Archie Goodwin was an American comic book writer, editor, and artist. For the company Warren he was chief writer and editor of landmark horror anthology titles like Creepy and Eerie, and for Marvel he set up the creator-owned Epic Comics as well as adapting Star Wars into both comics and newspaper strips. Walter Simonson the comic's illustrator is one of the most highly regarded comics creators around, having written, pencilled or inked Batman, The Hulk and Superman, to name but a few.

The colour Alien: The Illustrated Story comic is set to be bundled with the Alien Anthology (35th Anniversary Edition) blu-ray.


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