Alien 3
(Collector's Edition)
Alien Three (Collector's Edition)
Directors: David Fincher

Producers: David Giler

Actors: Sigourney Weaver
Charles S. Dutton

Charles Dance
Paul McGann
Brian Glover

Writers: Dan O'Bannon
David Giler

Ronald Shusett
Larry Ferguson
Vincent Ward

Release date: 6th January 2007
Run Time: 155 minutes
Format: NTSC Dolby Digital (5.1)
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Anamorphic Widescreen
Classification: R (Restricted)
Number of discs: 2 DVD
Studio: Brandywine Productions
Region: 1

Alien 3Edit

Lt. Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) is the lone survivor when her crippled spaceship crash lands on Fiorina 161, a bleak wasteland inhabited by former inmates of the planet's maximum security prison. Ripley's fears that an Alien was aboard her craft are confirmed when the mutilated bodies of ex-cons begin to mount. Without weapons or modern technology of any kind, Ripley must lead the men into battle against the terrifying creature. And soon she discovers a horrifying fact about her link with the Alien, a realization that may compel Ripley to try destroying not only the horrific creature but herself as well.

Alien 3 Collector's EditionEdit

Theatrical version (114 min.)
Restored work print version (155 min.)



Development (concluding the story),
Tales of the Wooden Planet (Vincent Ward's vision),
The Art of Aceron (conceptual art portfolio).
pre-production part III featurette, storyboards, Art of Fiorina, Xeno-Erotic (H.R. Geiger's redesign featurette).


Production part I featurette, Production Gallery (photo archive),
Furnace Construction (time-lapse sequence),
Adaptive Organism (creature design),
ADI Workshop, E.E.V. Scan Multi-Angle Vignette
Production part II


Post-Production part I, Optical Fury (visual effects),
Music, Editing and Sound,
Visual Effects (photo archive),
Post-Mortem (reaction to the film),
Special Shoot.

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