Alien Breed (iOS)
Alien Breed for iOS6
Alien Breed (iOS)
Team 17 Digital
Team 17 Digital
Release date:
1st Aug 2012
Game modes:
iPhone, iPad, android, PS3, PS Vita
Digital download 43.5Mb
Game engine:



Release date for the game Alien Breed (iOS);

1 Aug 2012 iPhone, iPad 
14 November 2012 PlayStation Mobile
12 February 2013 android
6 Feb 2013 PS3, PS Vita


The original game is back in action, celebrating its 21st Anniversary! Alien Breed is the classic sci-fi, top-down shooter developed by Team17. Launching originally in 1991, Alien Breed has now been remade for iOS, which can only mean one thing… it’s time to turn down the lights, turn up the sounds and encounter Alien Breed again!


Alien Breed - Universal - HD Gameplay Trailer14:31

Alien Breed - Universal - HD Gameplay Trailer

Alien Breed consists of the player or players having to find the lift down to the next level, occasionally setting the self destruct sequence to blow up the level above them. The players collect or purchase a variety of weapons from the space station's computer terminals (Intex I-4000) (this feature is now a shop which can be accessed at any time). Credits found on the ground can be saved for weapons and other enhancements, each giving the players an edge over the gradually more and more powerful Alien forces. In advanced levels, players are occasionally trapped in enclosed spaces with huge "boss" aliens, reminiscent of the Alien Queen.

Game modesEdit

You can play in the following modes;

Gameplay modesEdit

Alien Breed
Alien Breed Special Edition
Alien Breed Convergence

On screen controlsEdit

Switch weapon
Fire weapon

On screen displayEdit

Weapon ammo remaining
Weapons selected


IPC member Stone and IPC member Johnson.


Touch-screen pad controls.
Classic Mode – Play using the original graphics, music and controls.
Enhanced Mode – Featuring enhanced graphics, audio and controls.
4 New Levels – entirely new levels that intersect with the original Alien Breed story.
6 original Alien Breed levels.
12 Alien Breed Special Edition levels.
Game Center leaderboards and achievements.
Retina Display.
Ion iCade and Gametel Controller support.
Alien Breed for iOS based around Alien Breed for the Amiga, CD32 and MS-DOS.
Three different sets of maps from the original 1991 Alien Breed, Alien Breed Special Edition.
Alien Breed Convergence.


Three different sets of maps from the original Alien Breed including Alien Breed Convergence set aboard ISRC-4.

Alien Breed
Shuttle Bay
Power System
Security System
The Hatchery

Alien Breed Special Edition
Landing Bay 2
Power Sub System
Security Zone
Oval Zone
Engineering Zone 1
Engineering Sub System
Powermeck Systems
Linkage Shaft
Reactor Core
Location Unknown
The Hatchery

Alien Breed Convergence
Lower Landing Bay
Security Sub System
Power Sub System
Shuttle Control


All Weapons 25000 credits.
Winthrope PPS Twinfire EMG
Rapid Fire Machine Gun
Intex Plasma Shotgun
Ammet MMP Flamebow Thrower
Intex Ebon Flamethrower
Rotox Missile Launcher
Intex Arc Lazer Gun
Broadhurst DJ Twinfire ELG (ES)
Robinson Plasma Gun (SE)
Dalton Arc Flame (SE)
RYXX Firebolt MK22 (SE)
Stirling Multimatic (SE)
High Impact Astro (SE)


First aid kit
electronic hand map
ammo packs (4, 10, 24, 50)
Key Packs (2, 6, 15, 35)
Extra Life (1, 4, 10)


Alien boss, face huggers, praetorians, aliens, green aliens, red aliens.


IPC Miraculous


Team17 are a fully independent video game developer and publisher that was founded in 1990, now in our 22nd year. We develop and publish entertainment software for a wide range of digital download platforms that include PC (Steam), Xbox 360 LIVE Arcade, Sony PlayStation Network (PS3, PSP), Nintendo WiiWare, Apple iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, Apple Mac (Steam) and also social media platforms such as Facebook.

Our key titles include the Worms™ series, which has been a video gaming institution since 1995, Alien Breed, Superfrog, Body Blows, Project-X and more.

As well as Team17's own developed titles, we are working with a number of independent studios to bring a range of quality titles under the Team17 banner.


Originally a publishing company called 17-Bit Software, which grew out of the Microbyte retail chain in 1987, it specialised in cataloging, producing and publishing games for the Public Domain sector of the Amiga Market.

In 1990 it stepped out on its own. Adopting the name "Team17" (a combination of the Team surrounding 17Bit, which had named itself "Team7n" when developing "Miami Chase" for Codemasters), it developed and published Full Contact for the Amiga.The company went on to produce many further titles, almost all of which were regarded as classics by the majority of Videogame Journalists (despite a brief disagreement with Amiga Power). Well known Amiga titles like Alien Breed, Assassin, Project-X and Body Blows were released in the early nineties..


First Blood Make your first kill

Assault Kill 10 aliens

Warming Up Kill 100 aliens

Ripley Flame 1000 aliens

Alien Breed Fan Alien Breed played for 1 hour

True Alien Breed Fan Alien Breed played for 5 hour

Alien Breed Addict Alien Breed played for 15 hour

Run & Gun Complete Alien Breed in less than 60 minutes

Seconds Out Reach an exit deck lift with 1 second remaining

Ebeneezer Save 20000 Intex credits

Rainy Day Collect 100000 credits

Brewster Spend 1000000 credits

Scrooge Leave the shop 10 times with no purchase

Let Me Sponge Some Cash Yer *&*! Purchase an Intex coin package

Big Spender Buy something from the shop

Shut That Door Close 50 fire doors

Born In A Barn Open 100 doors

Blow The Bl**dy Doors Off Complete a level using no keys

Hiscore Score 1000000 points total

Not Very Good At This Score zero points on a level

Impact Score over 100000 points on a level

Gimme A Hug Be killed by a face hugger 10 times

Dead Good Die 50 times

Resurrection Purchase an extra life upon dying

Hoarder Collect 50 keys, clips and health packs

Project X Quit a level 10 times

Perfect Complete a level taking no damage

Hard As Nails Complete Alien Breed

Run Forrest Run Complete Alien Breed level 2 without firing your weapon

Who's The Boss Defeat a boss without firing the assault rifle

Locked And Loaded Purchase all weapons from the shop


Alien Bonus Credits
Accuracy Bonus

Best Score
Elapsed Time
Current Score


Version 1.0 updated 19th July 2012 (iOS)
Future releases are planned as an update.

Version 1.0.3 updated 12 February 2013 (android)

PS3 and PS VitaEdit

Ability for players to team up on either system via cross-platform play. Cross-Platform Continuation Play, allows players to carry on their PS3 save game progress on their PS Vita and vice versa.
Ad-hoc and online co-op multiplayer for PS Vita.
Local and online co-op multiplayer for PS3.


Metacritic 88%
Toucharcade 4.5/5
IGN 7/10

"App Store Best of 2012" in the UK.

4/4 - “Must Have” - Alien Breed is a throwback to simpler times that works just as well today as it did back on the Amiga - possibly even better." - Slide to Play

4.5/5 Stars - “Un-Missable” - “No matter what you do, don’t miss out on Alien Breed.” – TouchGen

5/5 - "An excellent shooter complete with genuine moments of tension that keep you coming back for more." - App Spy

4.5/5 Stars - "Great gameplay, tastefully updated for the modern day." - Modojo

90% - "This is a brilliant conversion that has obviously had a lot of thought and care put into it, with some excellent extras and an impressive amount of content." - The Smartphone App Review

4.5/5 Stars - "The option to change mode to an enhanced version was an excellent idea! The graphics of the game truly stood out and it was a joy to play Alien Breed! Indeed, the developer has retained the appeal of the original Amiga game." - iPad World



Alien Breed for iOS


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