Alien Overkill
Alien Overkill6
Alien Overkill
The Evil Company
The Evil Company
Release date:
ESRB: Teen
2D arcade
Game modes:
22nd May 2011
ipad, iphone, android
Digital Download 12.93/20.37MB
Game engine:



Release date for the game Alien Overkill;

22nd May 2011


ALIEN OVERKILL puts you in the shoes of an action hero. Aliens are overrunning everything, colonies and space ships alike - but not you. You are here to kick some serious alien butt in a slick action shooter and make 'em think twice about ever attacking mankind again!


Similiar to Alien Breed, you play as a Marine, collect weapons and health as you progress through the game, achievement given for certain tasks and awards received at the end of each game.

Use different weapons with unique death animations to vanquish the alien horde. Battle it out in uniquely themed arenas - from space ships and ice worlds to the depths of the alien hive. Test yourself against more than 50 different alien waves. Utilize an array of power-ups, from forcefields to nuclear devices, to give you the advantage. Unlock 48 Achievements and compete in online highscore lists powered by 'Scoreloop'. Enjoy a complete soundtrack of industrial rock and high quality positional sound effects. Experience dynamic lighting and shadowing. Flip your phone to flip the display - have your controls where you want them regardless of whether you are left or right handed.

Game modes

You can play in the following modes;

Gameplay modes


On screen controls

360 o movement
Weapon select
Fire weapon

On screen display




Loading Bay


Assault rifle, shotgun, flame thrower, rocket launcher.


Force fields, nuclear devices.


50 Alien waves


Power loader


The Evil Company - Schmidt & Schulte GbR, is an independent entertainment software development company dedicated to creating high quality mobile games. Founded in 2011, its headquarter is in Bremen, Germany.


The Evil Company - Schmidt & Schulte GbR, is an independent entertainment software development company dedicated to creating high quality mobile games. Founded in 2011, its headquarter is in Bremen, Germany.


Global, National and Local achievements;

First Blood You've killed your first alien

Triple Kill 3 Aliens killed in a single second

Multi Kill 4 Aliens killed in a single second

Monster Kill 5 Aliens killed in a single second

Exterminator 1000 Aliens killed

Ripley 2500 Aliens killed

Xenocide 5000 Aliens killed

Rambo 500 Aliens killed with Assault Rifle

Pyromaniac 500 Aliens killed with Flamethrower

Shock and Awe 500 Aliens killed with Rocket Launcher

Shotgun Messenger 500 Aliens killed with Flamethrower

Plasmatastic 500 Aliens killed with Flamethrower

Medic! 50 Healer Aliens killed

Don't mess with me! 25 Melee Boss Aliens killed

You and what army?! 25 Spawer Boss Aliens killed

Mine's bigger 25 Ranged Boss Aliens killed

Bring it on 50 Waves played

Keep'em coming 100 Waves played

Busy Killin' 250 Waves played

Perfect Run Wave played without loosing health

Epic Run 5 Waves played without loosing health

Legendary Run 9 Waves played without loosing health

No time to waste Wave played in half a minute

On Caffine 5 Waves played in 3 minutes

Speedrun 9 Waves played in 5 minutes

Purple Heart Died 10 times

Never give up, never capitulate Died 50 times

Immortal Died 100 times

Epic Fail Managed to kill yourself 25 times

King of Kindergarten Completed Game on Casual difficulty

Career in the Service Completed Game on Normal difficulty

Master of the Universe Completed Game on Hardcore difficulty

Treasure Hunter 50 Crates destroyed

Survived 'Hold the Line' Wave 'Hold the Line' survived

Survived 'Bad Joke' Wave 'Bad Joke' survived

Survived 'The Closing' Wave 'The Closing' survived

Survived 'The Siege' Wave 'The Siege' survived

Survived 'Outgunned' Wave 'Outgunned' survived

Survived 'Light the Sky' Wave 'Light the Sky' survived

Survived 'Hard Rain' Wave 'Hard Rain' survived

Survived 'Equal Parenting' Wave 'Equal Parenting' survived

Survived 'Chain Reaction' Wave 'Chain Reaction' survived

Survived 'Surprise Party' Wave 'Surprise Party' survived

Survived 'Alien Overkill' Wave 'Alien Overkill' survived

Survived 'The Nightmare' Wave 'The Nightmare' survived

Survived 'The Crusher' Wave 'The Crusher' survived

Survived 'The Artillery' Wave 'The Artillery' survived

Survived 'The Unsurmountable' Wave 'The Unsurmountable' survived

Survived 'End of the road' Wave 'End of the road' survives


High score
New score
Total kills
Total Waves
Total time


Oct 20, 2011 Update Version 1.0.973
Jun 24, 2011 Update Version 1.0.969
Jun 12, 2011 Update Version 1.0.968
Jun 2, 2011 Update Version 1.0.967
Jun 2, 2011 Update Version 1.0.967
May 30, 2011 Update Version 1.0.966
May 22, 2011 Update Version 1.0.960


The game supports multi-touch controls, but does not require them; the search or menu hardkeys can be used as an alternative for shooting on phones with no or buggy multi-touch support (e.g. HTC Hero, Nexus One, LG-P500, ..).

Latest version: 1.0.973 (for Android version 2.1 and higher)
fixed compatibility issue with certain devices


Android Market 3.6/5.0



Alien Overkill Lite Alien Overkill


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