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For more than thirty years, audiences have been simultaneously captivated and appalled as the spaceship Nostromo is invaded and its crew stalked by a terrifying parasitic creature. From the gore of the infant alien bursting from Kane’s chest to the mounting claustrophobia as Ripley discovers the monster has followed her into the escape shuttle, Alien is a chilling masterpiece.

Alien Vault opens a portal into the making of this legendary film, tracing its path from embryonic concept to fully-fledged box office phenomenon. Featured within are director Ridley Scott’s own annotated storyboards, polaroids and script pages, the elegant but disturbing concept artwork of H.R. Giger, sketches and construction blueprints for the Nostromo, costume designs by Moebius, never-before-seen photographs of the cast and crew; and ten meticulously reproduced artefacts, enclosed in vellum envelopes.


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Published by Aurum Press Ltd and released on 8 Sep 2011, Alien Vault: The Definitive Story of the Making of the Film is fully authorized and illustrated by the concept artwork and sketches of H.R. Giger and construction blueprints for the Nostromo including set design and interior modeling and details with costume designs and crew and set designs. The book also includes the work of other concept artist, including Ron Cobb and Chris Foss their original designs for both the Nostromo and it's interior, the Alien film set and it's construction at Shepperton and Bray Studios, on set images of the crew creating the landscape of LV426 and the decks of the Nostromo and Derelict. Director Ridley Scott appears as he directs and interacts in filming, H. R. Giger as he constructs the alien creature and derelict spacecraft and images of crew behind-the-scenes.

The contents of the book includes;
The book (176 pages, hardback and removable cover).
Nostromo schematics.
Story boards.

Alien Vault The Definitive Story of the Making of the Film01:50

Alien Vault The Definitive Story of the Making of the Film


Author Ian Nathan.

Although in the film the Narcissus was under the right wing of the spacecraft, in the schematics that accompanied the book Alien Vault, the Narcissus has been shown as under the left wing with a further escape craft called the Salmacis under the right. In the film and on set models show that during Kane's funeral his body is jettisoned towards the back of the Nostromo, flying near the Narcissus as it disappeared into the darkness. There is no mention in the early draft of two Narcissuses and as theatrical and other version demonstrate there is no other escape craft aboard the Nostromo.

Of the bundled items sold together with the book the images and script and photographs varied with issue, the images could include a Derelict's Orrery concept, alien concept or face hugger attached on a man concept.

The book offers different angles of the development stages for each area, including concept, on set and production, items of story boards, images and scripts are reproductions.


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