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Aliens Colonial Marines comic


Aliens: Colonial Marines comic was released at San Diego Comic Con 2012, limited for attendees of the show. The comic was a promotional item for the release of the game by Sega and Gearbox Software.

The comic follows the story of O'Neil aboard the USS Sephora around LV426. The story starts with a fire fight between W-Y troops and marines who have boarded the Sephora, not following any story line from the game but a story set as part of a re-conn team sent aboard the Sephora before Winter boards. After the fire fight aliens emerge and a short battle with their weapons eliminates the threat, moments later they save a researcher, a Weyland-Yutani personnel who has been injured but the researcher had been infected by a face hugger and soon after a chest burster emerges, the quick reacting O'Neil shots the chest burster with his M-41A Mk2.


Aliens Colonial Marines comic2

The comic includes;
Story written by Dark Horse
12 pages.


The Aliens: Colonial Marines comic released as part of a promotional item for the 2013 game and is a different comic from the Aliens: Colonial Marines comic series released in 1993/94.


Aliens: Colonial Marines comic is set between the levels Stasis Interrupted and Distress from the game.

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