Aliens: Fire and Stone
Aliens fire and stone


Aliens: Fire and Stone


Aliens: Fire and Stone issue one release Sept 2014, followed by Aliens: Fire and Stone issue two, three and four.

Aliens includes a story beginning 3 July 2179, 9.15am at Hadley's Hope installation on LV426, infested by aliens, the aliens attack and kill many of the colonist, while the colonist try and defend themselves. Derrick Russell colony supervisor is looking after that colony while Genevieve Dione a greenhouse supervisor and teacher interact along with Nolan Cale in issue one as they try and escape the infestation aboard the Onager.

Official Aliens: Fire and Stone issue one story (24 Sept 2014); 'During a vicious xenomorph outbreak, terraforming engineer Derrick Russell leads a desperate group of survivors onto a rickety mining vessel. They hope to escape the creatures overrunning their colony-but they'll face horrors both in space and on the strange planet they crash on.'

Official Aliens: Fire and Stone issue two story (29 Oct 2014); 'After crashing their clunky mining ship on a strange planet, a group of human survivors face both xenomorph attacks and friction among themselves-which could spell doom for everyone! The stranded and desperate group has a single chance: one of their scientists, who seeks the key to their freedom.'

Official Aliens: Fire and Stone issue three story (26 Nov 2014); ' With their numbers dwindling and hopes for rescue fading, the desperate survivors on the strange planet known as LV-223 fight among themselves. A lone scientist may hold the key to their freedom, though—if everyone can live long enough to hear him out!'

Official Aliens: Fire and Stone issue four story (31 Dec 2014); Tying in with the Prometheus and Aliensfilms, this tale of stranded survivors and the tenacious xenomorphs that stalk them comes to a close! Scientist Derrick Russell makes more stunning discoveries about the strange planet the Hadley’s Hope refugees crashed on, while Aliens close in on him!


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Patric Reynolds artist has illustrated for Serenity: Float Out and Exile to Babylon with Chris Roberson writing for Fables, Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love and for DC Comics.

The comic includes;
Story written by Chris Roberson
Artwork by Patric Reynolds
Four issues, 32 pages


Author Chris Roberson with Patric Reynolds as illustrator


The Aliens: Fire and Stone series occur in and about 2179 and events there cause the USS Sulaco to be despatched to LV426.

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Aliens: Fire and Stone


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