Aliens vs Predator: Requiem
(Extended Combat Edition)
AvP2 Requiem Extended Combat Edition
Directors: Greg Strause
Colin Strause

Producers: David Giler
John Davis

Walter Hill

Actors: Steven Pasquale
Reiko Aylesworth

John Ortiz
Shareeka Epps
Johnny Lewis
Sam Trammell
[wikipedia:David_Paetkau|David Paetkau]]
Chelah Horsdal
Gina Holden

Writers: Shane Salerno
Release date: 19th May 2008
19th May 2008
Run Time: 96 minutes
Format: PAL Dolby Digital (5.1)
Aspect Ratio: Widescreen
Classification: R
Number of discs: 2 DVD
Studio: Davis Entertainment

Brandywine Productions

Region: 1 / 2 / 4

Aliens vs Predator: RequiemEdit

After the death of a predator on Earth, a fellow predator arrives and sets about cleaning the scene. Equipped with the latest and new weaponry, he sets about tracking, killing and eradicating the alien menace. When troops arrive they do little, leaving the aliens able to roam around the town of Gunnison killing the civilians and spawning another breed which then infest the area. As control is lost a tactical nuclear strike is imminent.. can the survivors reach safety? can the cleaner win against spawned hybrid in a battle to the death?

Extended Combat EditionEdit


Disc 1Edit

Extended Combat Edition
Commentary by Directors Colin and Greg Strause and Producer John Davis
Commentary by Tom Woodruff and Alec Gillis.

Disc 2Edit

Prepare for war: The making of AVPR -
Fight to the Finish: The making of AVPR -
AVPR: The Nightmare Returns: Creating the Aliens
AVPR : Primitive Design : Creating the Predator Crossbreed: The Predalien Building the Predator Homeworld
AVPR: Science of the Xenomorph
AVPR: Science of the hunter
Still Galleries
Interactive Menus
Scene Access


Released 22nd April 2008.

Prepare For War: The Making of AVP R
Fight To The Finish: The Making of AVP R
AVPR: The Nightmare Returns: Creating The Aliens
AVPR: Primitive Design: Creating The Predator
Crossbreed: The Predalien
Building The Predator Homeworld
AVPR: Science Of The Xenomorph
AVPR: Science Of The Hunter
Deleted Scenes
Still Galleries
Weyland-Yutani Archives
Hitman Trailer
I, Robot Trailer

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