Battle for Sulaco
Battle for Sulaco

Battle for SulacoEdit

Aliens: Colonial Marines singleplayer map set aboard the USS Sulaco in orbit around LV426.


Australia  12th Feb 2013
U.S        12th Feb 2013
Europe     12th Feb 2013


Winter and O'Neal need to reach the Command Deck and Bridge before the W-Y Personnel aboard the Sulaco activate the defenses. Because they fail, a sustained attack by the weapon systems of the USS Sulaco destroys the USS Sephora, it explodes and disintegrates then collides with the Sulaco, this requires a quick evacuation of the spacecraft.

Winter's second mission with O'Neal, and then Bella after she is rescued with Bishop guiding them on comm.


Battle for Sulaco
Battle for Sulaco

Starting in a control room off the Cargo Bay Winter and O'Neal need to negotiate through the service and cargo rails, Life Support and Power Generator to find Bella in the Quarter Master area, the team then continue towards the Bridge.


A singleplayer map in Aliens: Colonial Marines, Limited Edition, Collector's Edition and Extermination Editions.



Battle for Sulaco
Battle for Sulaco1

Get to the control room to purge the Cargo Bay of Xenos
Clear the Command Deck and stop the attack on the Sephora
Locate Bella
Use the Power Loader to open an exit
Get to the Command Center through Engineering
Clear the Command Deck and stop the attack on the Sephora
Flank the turrets and shut them down
Disable the Sulaco's weapons to stop the attack on the Sephora


A singleplayer map.

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