Biosphere AvP


An Aliens v Predator multiplayer map set near LV426.


U.S        21st Mar 2001
Europe     21st Mar 2001


A Weyland-Yutani's habitat suspended between two worlds.


Biosphere AvP

Suspended between two worlds and hopelessly trapped within an enormous glass bubble overgrown with vegetation, your only cohabitants of this artificial botanical satellite are out for your blood. Presented with nowhere to hide and no place to run to; your only choice is to maintain a steady footing on exposed, precarious walkways and stand your ground. One miss step and your fond memories of distant Earth are forever lost to the orbiting battleground of the Biosphere, Globe of Death.

Biosphere AvP is available with the 'AvP Gold Edition Pak 07'.

These are official "map paks" from Rebellion Software. Each pak contains two new maps for the Gold Edition version of AvP:

Pak 1 - Piranesi & Conflict
Pak 2 - Bane & Ethereal
Pak 3 - Bleak & Azure
Pak 4 - Last Stand & Storage
Pak 5 - Fossil & Flesh Box
Pak 6 - Jungle, Neon aStorageXL
Pak 7 - Reactor & Biosphere


A multiplayer map in Aliens v Predator Gold and Aliens v Predator Classic 2000.


Available in multiplayer.

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Aliens v Predator (video game)


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