Birth AvP2


Aliens v Predator 2 map set on LV1201.


U.S        30th October 2001
Europe     30th October 2001


Cargo ship western landing Primary Operations Complex, Aurora.

Date: November 23, 2230
Location: Cargo ship. Western landing. Primary Operations Complex (POC) -- LV-1201

The cargo ship Aurora arrives on LV1201 to collect doubled expected number of crates. A create is opened and the face hugger goes on and impregnates a guard called Cisco, then develops into an adult drone.

'Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, the Incident. Appendix C – WY Training Manuals.

In laboratory conditions, containment fails less than one percent of the time. Most failures, when they occur, result in the escape of the first life-stage of the Xenomorph – the Facehugger. Facehuggers are remarkably quick and cunning, possessing an innate drive to avoid detection and to find an appropriate, isolated host.'

'Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, the Incident. Appendix C – WY Training Manuals. 

During the second stage of life, the Xenomorph is at its most vulnerable. Even inexperienced teams can contain and eliminate the Chestburster with minimal loss of life. Unfortunately, during this phase, the Xenomorph displays an instinctive caution, avoiding all contact. Worse, if given time, the Chestburster will eat, molt, and grow into a full-sized drone.'


Birth AvP2

A map made up from rooms, corridors and airducts.


A Xenomorph's singleplayer map in Aliens v Predator 2. In the Xenomorph's development phases a Xenomorph will start it's development first as a Face Hugger then through to Chest Burster before continuing to an Alien. In Aliens v Predator 2 and Aliens v Predator 2: Primal Hunt you play the Alien Campaign first as a Face Hugger then a Chest Burster in your first two levels before continuing to an Alien.



Level I - Birth
Objectives: Escape the cargo vessel; find an isolated host.


A singleplayer map.

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Aliens v Predator 2 (video game)

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