Bloodbath (i-pad)
Bloodbath (i-pad)


A Predators (game) map set on the Game Reserve, a planet used for hunting which featured in the film Predators.


July 2010 


This level is in the Predator Camp on the Game Reserve planet, a Predator is tasked with killing 10. In this level the enemies are Soldiers who are equipped with Sniper Rifles, Royce is equipped with an AA-12 and Stans is equipped with a shank.


Bloodbath (i-pad)
Bloodbath (i-pad)

This level is in the Predator Camp on the Game Reserve were the group Isabelle, Stans, Royce, Cuchillo, Mombasa, Nikolai, Hanzo and Noland first encountered Predators. Your skills have improved and you can practice your improved skills, this is your first level with the Net Gun.


Wrist Blades
Plasma Gun
Stealth Generator
Thermal Vision
Combi Stick
Net Gun


You must be careful not to sustain injury during close combat, the net gun snares and immobilizes human prey, kill with impunity, trap and tear apart 10 humans to complete this mission.


Only playable in singleplayer.

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Predators (game)


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