Choke point
Choke point

Choke pointEdit

An Alien Breed survivor map, set aboard the Ghost Ship.

The third survivor and co-op level in Alien Breed: Assault.


Alien Breed: Assault 22nd September 2010


Choke point
Choke point1
Choke point4

Set on the Ghost Ship, similiar to the 'Corrupted' in freeplay/singleplayer in Alien Breed: Assault. A survivor and survivor co-op map playing as Conrad, Vance and Barnes you will encounter Maulers, Larvae, Stunners, Screamers, Ranged, Webbers and Healers in 3 minute rounds in a sealed off area of the Mainframe Deck. Multiply waves of Aliens will attack during the round, you will be able to load-up with weapons and health at the start and collect further weapons during the game.


Set aboard the Mainframe Deck on the Ghost Ship in Alien Breed: Assault, this level is approached from a side room.


Walkthrough Alien Breed: Assault survivor and survivor co-op.
Survive multiply 3 minute rounds in a sealed off area of the Mainframe Deck.


Available in co-op/survivor co-op only.

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