Comparison Extermination/ArmageddonEdit

Comparison between the 2007 Aliens Extermination arcade game by Play Mechanix and Global VR and the 2013 Aliens Armageddon arcade game by Play Mechanix and Raw Thrills. Both units are made in standard

and deluxe models with similiar configurations and gun positioning, neither game has been ported on to console, PC or rom and along with Aliens (Arcade) and Aliens v Predator (Arcade) (except for rom) continue as arcade only.

Games DescriptionEdit

Aliens Extermination's gameplay is set on LV426 just after the USS Sulaco leaves with the survivors Ripley, Hicks, Bishop and Newt from Hadley's Hope installation. A squad of USCMs follow a similiar route as the squad from the USS Sulaco, combating any aliens and xenomorphs in Hadley's Hope installation and the Weyland-Yutani Research Facility, then battling against the antenna array and into the Atmosphere Processor buildings, killing the Alien Queen and escaping using the APC and then the Dropship.

Aliens Armageddon's gameplay is set on Earth in the Alien universe in the 21st Century after all major cities are destroyed. A new storyline unravels that is set in cities destroyed by UFOs bringing aliens, military personnel with a small contingency of support units must combat the xenomorph threat and escape in the Ark spacecraft. Starting in the city suburbs the squad must clear each area as they go, areas of the city, facilities and the Ark which are overrun by aliens make up the gameplay area.

Comparison GameplayEdit

Because Aliens Extermination didn't get ported on console and PC few screen shots are available with Aliens Armageddon just being released. The following then are various in-game images from each.

AliensExerm 3
Aliens Armageddon6
AliensExerm 4
Aliens Armageddon7
AliensExerm 5
Aliens Armageddon8


In GameEdit

Both Aliens Extermination and Aliens Armageddon play in chapter or story modes, in a similiar number of levels. Collection of weapons, ammo and power-ups are by way of shooting the on screen icons, health, ammo and grenade levels are similarly displayed, part of weapons selected appear on screen as does the occasional USCM. Aliens Extermination differs from Aliens Armageddon as it includes established plot lines, installations, alien species, locations, weapons and personnel, were as Aliens Armageddon is trying something new and only weapons possess a continuity from other games.


The following are the specifications for both units, basic cabinet spec stays the stay as screen size increases, changes with ram size increased for the 29"/42" Aliens Extermination game to 1Gb for the 50". Spec stays the same as from release.


Aliens Extermination

Aliens Armageddon





Pentium® 4 CPU-32bit

Intel® Celeron CPU G530 @ 2.4Ghz-64bit


Nvidia GeForce Graphics

Intel® HD Graphics (VT-X)


800x600 VGA














Other Features

29", 42", deluxe 50" upgradable rom

42"/deluxe 55", ethernet, cellular, wi-fi connections

Comparison GameplayEdit

Aliens Armageddon (gameplay)04:01

Aliens Armageddon (gameplay)

Aliens Extermination Mission409:22

Aliens Extermination Mission4

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