Comparison Isolation/Alien (film)Edit

Comparison between the Alien: Isolation game by The Creative Assembly and the film Alien by 20th Century Fox.

The game is based around the film Alien, drawing on ideas and character development from it, the comparison includes story lines, development, game details, images and specifications.

Story linesEdit

Alien (film):

Ellen Ripley is introduced in the film Alien as a warrant officer aboard the Nostromo, a spaceship from Thedus returning to Earth. In stasis, the crew are awakened after receiving a transmission of unknown origin from a nearby planetoid. Following their landing, an unknown creature infiltrates the ship, and kills every member of the crew. Ripley is the only member to escape from the Nostromo prior to its explosion, which she deliberately commenced to kill the monster. However, she discovers that the Alien is also aboard the shuttle but expels it into space before putting herself in stasis for the return trip to Earth. The film is set 29 years after the events of the film Prometheus.

Alien: Isolation:

Alien: Isolation is set on the space installation the Sevastopol, aboard the Torrens and escape crafts similiar with the Narcissus, with environments unique to the film Alien. The developers, The Creative Assembly intensions are to keep in the Alien film timeline for all items and designs for the game. Played as Amanda Ripley, on arrival the Torrens' crew find the station completely void of life, unable to communicate with the station the crew perform an EVA but something goes wrong and Amanda becomes separated from the rest of the crew. She is helped by fellow characters and synthetics who assist her in her missions finding answers about Ripley's and the Nostromo's demise. Set 15 years after contact with the Nostromo was lost, visiting locations familiar with the film Alien and played in first person as Amanda Ripley.


Alien (film):

From an early draft script of Alien the crew started off as all male members with the inclusion of an eighth crew member, a Hungarian translation of 'eighth passenger' meaning 'Alien' stuck and was carried through into the film versions. The final draft script saw a female cast in the role from the request of Fox, who saw the role of a strong female character as pivotable in the role and so cast Sigourney Weaver even though she arrived late for the auditions. The sets of the Nostromo's three decks were each created almost entirely in one piece, with each deck occupying a separate stage and the various rooms connected via corridors. To move around the sets the actors had to navigate through the hallways of the ship, adding to the film's sense of claustrophobia and realism, some of the crew found it hard for the duration of the filming. The use of artwork and concepts from H.R.Giger and Ron Cobbs was pivotal in production of the film.

Alien: Isolation:

Creative Assembly announced a new game based on the Alien franchise May 2011, also to be on console, not formally named but known as Alien IP. A game being produced by a company previously associated with the PC RTS genre.

June 2013 The Creative Assembly had a demo prepared for Sega, thankfully they liked the idea and the demo, and production continued.

In October 2013, it was revealed that 20th Century Fox had filed a trademark for 'Alien: Isolation' for use with computer game and video game software, downloadable mobile software, and decorative magnets in October of 2013.

In December 2013, artwork for the game was found on Twitter. December 11, 2013 Lifelower leaked four images from the game again on Twitter, followed by confirmation from Sega on Jan 07, 2014 that the game should be released late in 2014, releasing gameplay images, in game footage and interviews from the team.

Later in January a dedicated website has been established, called which sets about details of the game and associated information and forums.

The Creative Assembly, hold a lecture called 'Develop's An Audience With…', about the game Alien: Isolation February 12th 2014, in the Dolby lounge in Soho, London.

Followed by EGX Rezzed UK, at the NEC in Birmingham 28/30th March 2014, were Alien: Isolation is playable.

Media DetailsEdit

Alien (film):

Multiple versions of the film have been released, following the theatrical version, comic books, books, VHS, Laser Disc, DVDs and Blu-rays followed, in 2003 a Director’s Cut 20mins longer was released with a Ridley Scott introduction, in 2012 a prequel was relased one of two with the second set for 2015.

Alien: Isolation:

A singleplayer/cooperative game based around the film Alien. Available on all platforms, PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox 1 and PS4, following the story of Ripley's daughter as she searches for the flight recorder and answers. The team at The Creative Assembly consists of, Alistair Hope creative lead, Gary Napper lead designer, Jude Bond lead artist, John McKellan lead UI artist and Clive Lindop design lead, Callum Alexander Watt designer, Mark Angus lead audio designer, Dion Lay narrative designer, Dan Abnett writer, Jon Court senior producer, Clive Gratton lead programmer amongst others. The game is to include one alien like Big Chap so called from the Alien film.


Airlock alien isolation

Mess alien isolation

Stairs alien isolation
Alien alien isolation
Another destruct sequence
Corridor alien isolation




Alien (film)

Alien: Isolation















W-Y/Seegson Corporation

Similiarities with franchise

Established the franchise with the alien, environments, installations.

Alien, Sevastopol, Narcissus, spacesuits, motion tracker, welder.

Derived from film

H.R.Giger (aliens), Ron Cobbs (spacecraft).

Alien (film), spacecraft, characters, installations.


20th Century Fox

The Creative Assembly

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