Crew Expendable
Crew Expendable

Crew ExpendableEdit

Crew Expendable is a DLC map for the game Alien: Isolation.


Australia 7th Oct 2014 
U.S 7th Oct 2014 
Europe 7th Oct 2014


The level is set aboard the Nostromo, playing as Parker, Ripley or Dallas and getting help from Lambert and Ash.

As Parker, Ripley or Dallas you start in Mess aboard the Nostromo after Kane has been killed. Like in the film they set about cornering the alien in the airlock but unlike the film they all interact getting the alien onto deck C and into the airlock without dying. Playing as any of the characters, you collect the equipment and descend to the lower levels, by sealing a hatch you release another player. Descending again and with Lambert's help, guides you through the air vents and with Ash's help, links with the airlock systems opening the doors towards the airlock. A player must lore the alien in before shutting the door and expelling the alien.


Crew Expendable
Crew Expendable



Collect equipment (medikit and flare optional).
Seal hatch 00B1.
Seal hatch 00B2.
Get to the landing claw bay.
Seal hatch 00B3.
Lead alien into primary air shafts.
Connect Ash to airlock systems.
Evade the alien.
Wait until alien enters airlock.


A singleplayer map.


They succeed in getting the alien into the airlock.
Only Kane dies.
Ash helps.
There is no Jonesy.

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