Predators Aliens Marines


A DLC map, adds an addition to AvP 3.


'Survivor Edition'
'Hunter Edition'

Australia  18th Feb 2010
U.S        16th Fed 2010
Europe     26th Fed 2010

'Swarm map pack'

          19th Mar 2010


Docks contain dangerous terrain and includes caustic alkali waters, located on BG-386. Possibly an area off the first level for all species, an area most comparable with BG-386.


A small map, limited only by the extent of the underground facility. The area is similiar to 'colony'. corridors, rooms and stairs feed off from the main building which is accessible from all directions. This area is dark, minimal lighting through the whole of the complex, a structure part exposed part buried into a mountain, large doors that may have lead into the colony are sealed leaving the action to be played in the complex and an area of dock yard which adjoins the complex.



Few vantage points here for the Predator. These species would make use of their short range weapons, placing mines and using their disc in the narrow corridors.


Unhindered by the dark, unlit areas are no obstacle for the Aliens. Ample dark area through the whole of the docks.


Marines could find the narrow corridors simple to defend, whilst the dark open areas and rooms causing a problem.


A possiblity of improvement to this map would be an increase in the overall size of the structures underground system.

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