ACM 75


Aliens: Colonial Marines singleplayer map set aboard the USS Sephora and USS Sulaco in orbit around LV426.


Australia  12th Feb 2013
U.S        12th Feb 2013
Europe     12th Feb 2013


After the USS Sulaco left LV426 in the film Aliens and approached Fiorina 'Fury' 161 as in the film Alien 3, the Sulaco was boarded by W-Y PMCs and in a fire fight Hicks was released and Turk was put it instead and jettisoned with the remaining crew in an EEV, the Sulaco returned around LV426 followed later by Stone and Hicks.

17 weeks later at the start of the Aliens: Colonial Marines campaigns the USS Sephora arrives and docks along side the USS Sulaco.

A forward board party arrive aboard the Sulaco after the umbilicals are attached and reconn the spacecraft.

Distress is the start for Winter and the other marines aboard the Sephora. Winter starts in an airlock, negotiating the umbilical as he boards.



Corporal Christopher Winter joins the squad of Actual under command by Cruz who have already boarded and are reconning the spacecraft. After an explosion which was felt around the two spacecraft, Winter enters the USS Sulaco to find members of O'Neal's Actual squad injured by the blast. Even though Paluski is injured he is later in the Cargo Bay with Winter and O'Neal helping defend Keyes as he accesses the controls of the Cargo Bay doors and O'Reilly, Tolentino, Tanaka, Romerio and Hernandez are returned aboard the Sephora.

After Winter heads for Life Support and finds Keyes cocooned, releasing him they both go after the flight recorder and then return to the Cargo Bay and group up with O'Neal and Paluski and battle the Aliens defending the Cargo Bay, as they clear it and escape Paluski and Keyes die as the umbilical is destroyed, O'Neal saves Winter and they find a different route to a Cargo Bay as Reid lands a UD4L Cheyenne to finish the level but as the doors are sealed, Winter and O'Neal must find a different route.


A singleplayer map in Aliens: Colonial Marines, Limited Edition, Collector's Edition and Extermination Editions.



Locate the missing marines
Kill Xeno
Cut down Keyes
Retrieve flight recorder
Fall back to the Sephora
Defend Keys while he overrides the lockdown
Defend O'Neal while he opens an exit
Get to the Cargo Bay to aid with cas-evac
Get to the Control Room to purge the Cargo Bay of Xenos


A singleplayer map.

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Aliens: Colonial Marines


At the end Hicks explains that as the highest rank on the Sulaco he wasn't actually ejected into an EEV as in the film Alien 3 but as Weyland-Yutani's PMCs board the USS Sulaco was held back and the spacecraft returned around LV426.

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