Facehugger At Large
Facehugger At Large

Facehugger At LargeEdit

A singleplayer map for the Alien in AVP: Evolution.


Australia  28th Feb 2013
U.S        28th Feb 2013
Europe     28th Feb 2013


You start as a Face Hugger in a Cryo-stasis tube in a Med Lab inside a complex which you need to escape from. You can use the corridors, med lab rooms and air ducts that link them until you find a suitable host. After finding a host of a scientist you emerge as a Chest Burster and need a safe and quite location before you develop into an Alien.


Facehugger At Large
Facehugger At Large

Med Lab rooms and air ducts in a Facility.





In their own quest to breed Alien slaves, the Weyland-Yutani Corporation has built research facilities near the Temple. Realizing that an Alien Queen lays her eggs under the Temple, Weyland-Yutani Co. managed to extract a few eggs and capture the hatching Facehuggers. Begin your journey as a Facehugger. Find a scientist to infest. Hatch as a Chestburster before eventually growing into a mature Alien, free of Super Predator control and motivated to free the Queen and save the Hive.


A singleplayer map.

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