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A comparison of the above two articles, important points in 3D; one is to keep the resolution as high as possible and the other is a bright screen.

Keeping the resolution as high as possible will limit image loss due to the limited use of colours. Objects of importance need to be in detail with areas away from the action being of lower resolution adding to the effect.

Dark areas in 3D can not be volumized and will distract from the effect, 3D is then best suited for bright screens or games with minimal darkness, near objects increasing the 3D effect, HUD and screen information adding to the depth.

The use of colour 3D allows for 3D visualization without the need for expensive glasses, loss in colour detail is compensated by maintaining lighting, texture and nearby fog. The depth of the screen is enhanced and still images can be perceived from many angles.

Here 3D allows for detailed shots, maintaining shadows, depth and textures.

Avp34 Dead Space in 3D (RedCyan) (6)

Here a typical dark area produces a 3D effect but is limited.

Avp36 Dead Space in 3D (RedCyan) (13)

Here all the lighter areas are best in 3D with the HUD producing the best effect in the dark.

Avp32 Dead Space in 3D (RedCyan) (10)

Images of comparisons of AvP 3 and Dead Space.

AvP 3 being a much darker game so 3D effects are being limited, when there are lighter areas the depth is increased, this in not quite as much of an limitation for Dead Space.

Avp33 Avp35 Dead Space in 3D (RedCyan) (5) Dead Space in 3D (RedCyan) (7) Dead Space in 3D (RedCyan) (8) Dead Space in 3D (RedCyan) (9) Dead Space in 3D (RedCyan) (11) Dead Space in 3D (RedCyan) (12) Dead Space in 3D (RedCyan) (14)


By de-focusing your eyes with side by side 3D images (either full-width or half-width) it is possible of achieving the effect without the need for glasses.

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