Upon receiving a transmission of unknown origin from a nearby planetoid, the ship's computer awakens the crew

from hypersleep. Acting on standing orders from their corporate employers, the crew detaches the Nostromo from the refinery and lands on the planetoid resulting in some damage to the ship. Captain Dallas (Tom Skerritt), Executive Officer Kane (John Hurt), and Navigator Lambert (Veronica Cartwright) set out to investigate the signal's source. Meanwhile, the Nostromo's computer partially deciphers the signal transmission, which Ripley determines to be some type of warning.

Newt's family first encountered the Derelict spacecraft on LV-426 as salvage hunters sent out to a grid reference in the film Aliens. The family of four set off in an ATV, on arriving Newt's mother and father entered the Derelict via a hull breach caused on impact.

There are a number of Derelicts in the film Prometheus, internally there are bone shaped tunnels connecting Chambers, similiar to the tunnels on LV223 where Spectagraphs were used to analyse the atmosphere.

Derelicts feature 7 Chambers, a Control Room, shaped like the Ampule Room in the Temple on LV223 with the same urns and statues but smaller in size, a Hibernation Room with oval shaped organic urns, a Sickbay with sarcophaguses and an Orrery with four sarcophaguses and the location of the Holo Map.




The Derelict in Prometheus features a different Orrey from Alien which had

larger entrances but is of similiar size as is the entire craft in all films. The craft in Alien and Aliens wasn't explored as much as in Prometheus, leaving the Derelicts' Orrey and the Egg Chamber for comparison. In Alien the Egg Chamber is beneath the Pilots Chamber but in Prometheus the area is used for the Pilots Chair and Cannon Mechanism before flight this raises up from underneath and once a flight course is set. There was no flight controls on the side or any Sarcophagus and no Holo Map was activated, the Derelicts Orrey in both Alien and Prometheus are linked by corridors to the other Chambers, these are made from a bone like structure.
In the film the Derelicts featured a different design then that of H.R.Giger first concept designs, using fewer protrusions and a smaller understated Orrey unlike Gigers'.

Prometheus Script (Alien: Engineers) is an expansion from the Alien Film, also set on LV426 and using the Derelict that was found there in Alien and Aliens. It shows that the Derelict was made up of Egg Chambers with a Derelict's Orrery and Pilot's Chair.

Prometheus Script (Draft) and Prometheus Film diverted from this layout as the setting of LV223 was chosen. Instead of Alien Eggs in cargo bays the cargo was Urns of different sizes which only needed one chamber.

In games qualities of Alien, Aliens and Prometheus were used, this with the films show that Derelicts could be entered from multiple doors either at the front or the back with multiple corridors throughout.

As the spacecraft was only seen flying in the film Prometheus it is unclear if these doors also served as exhausts, no clear engine bay has been defined leaving a possibility of an external power source.




Aliens: Colonial Marines

Derelict's Orrery, Pilot's Chair, Egg Chamber, Corridors

Entrances (front 3), Entrances (back 6)

Aliens v Predator

Derelict's Orrery, Pilot's Chair, Egg Chamber, Corridors

Entrances (front 3), Entrances (back 3)

Prometheus Script (Draft)

Derelict's Orrery, Pilot's Chair, Sickbay, Hibernation, Analysis, Containment, Control, Recreation, Corridors

Entrances (front 3), Entrances (back 6)

Prometheus Script (Alien: Engineers)

Derelict's Orrery, Pilot's Chair, Hibernation, Egg Chambers (8), Power, Corridors

Entrances (front 3), Entrances (back 3)

Alien (Film)

Derelict's Orrery, Pilot's Chair, Egg Chamber, Corridors

Entrances (front 3), Entrances (back 3)

Aliens (Film)

Derelict's Orrery, Pilot's Chair, Egg Chamber, Corridors

Entrances (front ?), Entrances (back 6)

Prometheus (Film)

Derelict's Orrery, Pilot's Chair, Hibernation, Corridors

Entrances (front 3), Entrances (back 3)




In Alien the 3 openings which Dallas, Kane and Lambert enter and Newts' family pass in Aliens entering via a hull breach are the entrances (thought could be the engines exhaust thrusters), these are set below the Orrey which occupies the bulkier part, the entrances are then be linked to the Engine Chamber (Control Room), occupying an adjacent Chamber to the left of the Orrey as it flies forward. In Prometheus this is the area that the spacecraft Prometheus crashes into causing an explosion, destroying Prometheus and bringing the Derelict crashing to the surface, little damage is created and a crew member (Shaw) is able to escape from the spacecraft later as she collects David using one of these exits.

The craft is made up of seven chambers; Orrey, Control Room, Sickbay, Analysis, Hibernation Room, Recreation and Containment Chamber.
The craft is U-shape in design and what could be considered as the entrances are on the inner part, the spacecraft would normally fly horizontally (as it is seen in the film Prometheus flying with Orrey facing forward), as the spacecraft launches vertically in Prometheus (and is only seen flying in the film and in Aliens; Colonial Marines) suggests there are launching thrusters for taking off separate from flight.

In the games Aliens v Predator Original, Aliens v Predator Gold and Aliens v Predator Classic a Marine approaches the Derelict through these entrances, this is similiar with the film Alien and the game Aliens: Colonial Marines.




7 Chambers, an Orrey (Pilots' Chamber), a Control Room adjacent to the Pilots' Chamber, a Sickbay Chamber, an Analysis Chamber, a Hibernation Room, a Recreation Chamber and Containment Chamber.

The Derelicts in Prometheus (film) have bone shaped corridors with detailed walls, similiar to the tunnels on LV223 but in more detail and with a biomechanical composition. These corridors as similiar in different media but also vary as the number and size of chambers can vary depending on which media it's in.




Concept art of the Derelict from the film Prometheus.



In Alien and Prometheus principal photography on the Derelict

took place at Shepperton Studios in London, while model and miniature filming for Alien was done at Bray Studios in Water Oakley. A crew of over 200 workmen and technicians constructed the three principal sets, 'The surface of the alien planetoid' and the interiors of the 'Nostromo' and 'derelict spacecraft'.
For scenes showing the exterior of the Nostromo a 58-foot (18 m) landing leg was constructed to give a sense of the ship's size. Ridley Scott still did not think that it looked large enough, so he had his two sons and the son of one of the cameramen stand in for the regular actors, wearing smaller space suits to make the set pieces seem larger. The same technique was used for the scene in which the crew members encounter the dead alien creature in the derelict spacecraft.
To save money only one wall of the set was created, and the "space jockey" sat atop a disc that could be rotated to facilitate shots from different angles in relation to the actors. Giger airbrushed the entire set and the "space jockey" by hand, in Prometheus filming the set was almost complete allowing room for filming.
In Alien the egg chamber was set inside the derelict ship and was filmed on the same set as the space jockey scene the entire disc piece supporting the jockey and its chair were removed and the set was redressed to create the egg chamber. Light effects in the egg chamber were created by lasers borrowed from the English rock band 'The Who'.
In Aliens the set design crew set about using the Derelict model from Alien. Due to it's construction it needed to be reconstructed for it to be usable (this Derelict was constructed with six entrances at the back and wasn't seen from the front), also smaller models were created to allow for set filming, small models of the ATV were used when filming with the Derelict giving it the feel of a much larger model.



H. R. Giger designed and worked on all of the alien aspects of the film Alien, which he designed to appear organic and biomechanical in contrast to the industrial look of the Nostromo and its human elements. For the interior of the Derelict spacecraft and egg chamber, he used dried bones together with plaster to sculpt much of the scenery and elements.
A similarity of "The Derelict" spacecraft and the "Space Jockey" designs from the first Alien film also appeared in the film Prometheus, Giger again assisting in aspects of the designs for the new Derelict spacecraft and Aliens.



In the video games Aliens v Predator Original, Aliens v Predator Gold and Aliens v Predator Classic as a singleplayer map Derelict AvP.

In the films Alien and Aliens.

In the video games Aliens: Colonial Marines, Alien Trilogy and Aliens: Infestation.

Derelict is an alien spacecraft in the film Prometheus, two of these spacecraft appear in the film, with the suggestion that there could be many more. As a continuation they feature in Prometheus: Fire and Stone comics.

A Derelict sets a course for an unnamed Planetoid.

Docked at the Colonial Marine Training Base in Alien vs Predator (Jaguar).

See Derelict for other game references.




Below images of the Derelict.

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