Predators Aliens Marines

Multiplayer Jungle

A multiplayer map, available with AvP 3.


'Aliens v Predator 3'
'Survivor Edition'
'Hunter Edition'

Australia  18th Feb 2010
U.S        16th Fed 2010
Europe     26th Fed 2010


Jungle set on BG-386, a similiar setting to the Jungle in single player, and the begining for the Predator missions. A map suited to the Predator. Dark and forested with a central focal point around an entrance, surrounded by columns of stone.


A medium size map, limited only by the high walls surrounding the area and similiar to 'Tutorial' in single player. A multi-level map, a sealed door leads into the center of a pillared complex with paths leading away, at the far end is a small monument and alter with the Jungle spreading out in all directions.



Multiply vantage points for the Predators. These species would make use of their cloak and short range weapons, jumping onto prey from pillars and trees.


Unhindered by the dark, unlit areas are no obstacle for the aliens. Ample dark area through the whole of the Jungle.


Marines could find narrow corridors and and monument's areas simple to defend, whilst the dark open areas causing a problem.

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