Predators Aliens Marines

Multiplayer Refinery

A multiplayer map, available with AvP 3.


'Aliens v Predator 3'
'Survivor Edition'
'Hunter Edition'

Australia  18th Feb 2010
U.S        16th Fed 2010
Europe     26th Fed 2010


Refinery set on BG-386, favours all species. Similiar to the Refinery and Queens' Lair in single player, the Refinery gives all species a chance to win.


A medium size map, a sealed off area similiar to 'Refinery' in single player. A multi-level map, multiple locations for all species to defend from their enemy.



Multiply vantage points for the Predators. These species would make use of their cloak and short range weapons, laying mines jumping onto prey.


Unhindered by the dark, unlit areas are no obstacle for the aliens. Ample dark area once all the lights have been smashed through the whole of the Refinery.


Marines could find the narrow corridors and monument areas simple to defend, whilst the dark open areas causing a problem. Grouping in numbers means lasting for longer.

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