New Target AvP2
New Target

New Target

Aliens v Predator 2 map set on LV1201.


U.S        30th October 2001
Europe     30th October 2001


Part of a complex on LV1201, tunnels lead through to a Hive.

Date: January 07, 2231
Time: 01:50 AM
Incident: +6 weeks, 20.50 hours
Hunt: +5 weeks, 1 day, 20.50 hours
Location: Tunnels leading from abandoned landing to Hive entrance

Rykov and team go for the alien hive as Prince follows.

'Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, the Incident. Appendix M – Rykov’s Journal.

Ivan is dead; the artificial Hive has been breached. The creature has escaped; I have lost my carrier. Enough sadness. I have the report on the third Predator’s mask. It is unique – much older and more complex than the others. The scientists speculate the creature was either rich or royal or both. Given its youthfulness, I’d guess, a prince. With no ordinary crown. It is speculation, but I believe that the mask tracks their hunts – a tribal record book. If so, the mask may lead me to their homeland. Let me return the prince’s crown draped in a fabric made of death.'

'Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, the Incident. Appendix M – Rykov’s Journal.

I have the mask. I am certain that the creature knows. Fifteen minutes ago, the mask became active – most likely in response to some signal. Excellent. Let the creature come. Dunya and the team have copies of the blood work; they understand our stakes. One of us will survive. This fight will not end with me.'


New Target AvP2
New Target

A number of hangers and engineering rooms are connected by corridors.


A Predator's singleplayer map in Aliens v Predator 2.



Level VI - New Target
Objectives: Find your original mask and pursue Rykov; descend to the Hive entrance to intercept Rykov.


A singleplayer map.

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Aliens v Predator 2 (video game)

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