No Hope in Hadley's
Hope in Hadley's

No Hope in Hadley'sEdit

Aliens: Colonial Marines singleplayer map set on LV426.


Australia  12th Feb 2013
U.S        12th Feb 2013
Europe     12th Feb 2013


Hadley's Hope facility on LV426 is the setting of No Hope in Hadley's, in the distance lies the Atmosphere Processor buildings which are still burning from their detention in the film Aliens and the the USS Sulaco and the USS Sephora which have impacted the surface.

Winter's fourth mission with O'Neal, Bella, Bishop and Reid.


No Hope in Hadley's
ACM 116

Hadley's Hope facility on LV426, a Weyland-Yutani complex that featured in the film Aliens and the game Aliens v Predator. No Hope in Hadley's is made up of the Command Center, interconnecting corridors, Operations, Medlab and a Morgue.

Starting on LV426 the group O'Neal, Winter, Bella, Bishop and Reid head for Operations. Sensors and turret guns need activating and after defending Operations Winter collects a Smart Gun and they start towards the Comm Tower.


A singleplayer map in Aliens: Colonial Marines, Limited Edition, Collector's Edition and Extermination Editions.



No Hope in Hadley's
No Hope in Hadley s

Locate Hadley's Hope
Move upstairs to Operations
Recieve orders from Cruz
Place the Motion Sensors to establish the perimeter
Reset the Sensor in the Morgue
Report back to Operations
Retrieve a Sentry Turret to defend Operations
Recieve orders from Cruz
Pick up the Smart Gun
Get to the Comm Tower to find Bella and Reid


A singleplayer map.

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Aliens: Colonial Marines


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