Not Bad For A Human
Lance Henriksen - Not Bad For A Human


Not Bad For A Human


Not Bad For A Human is an autobiography of the life and films of Lance Henriksen, written with co-author Joseph Maddrey and published in 2011 by Bloody Pulp Books and Alexander Henriksen Publishers.


Lance Henrickson is best know as the android Bishop in Aliens and as Bishop, Weyland or Bishop II in other media, having also voiced for characters. He has appeared in 150 films and TV series, this book a biography not only celebrates the actor's screen persona, film by film, but also recounts the chaotic upbringing and early life experiences that shaped him, revealing the man behind the image. As Lance so candidly states, "This isn't just a book about me becoming an actor. It's about all the people I've crossed paths with over the years who have helped me flourish in spite of the chaos in my early life. It's about a lifelong process of becoming a human being."

The book includes;
The book (218 pages, in paperback).
The book features art by Bill Sienkiewicz, Mike Mignola, Tom Mandrake, Tim Bradstreet, Eric Powell and Ashley Wood.


Author Lance Henrickson and Joseph Maddrey


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Lance Henriksen
Lance Henriksen


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