Off the Grid
Off the Grid2

Off the GridEdit

Aliens: Colonial Marines multiplayer Survivor map set on LV426, available with the DLC Reconnaissance Pack.


Australia  9th May 2013
U.S        9th May 2013
Europe     9th May 2013


Set on the far side of Hadley's Hope installation and the Weyland-Yutani Facility on LV426, a perimeter fence seals off one side and disused buildings the other and all enclaved by the Derelict.

As with other DLC maps like Bug Hunt areas and layouts are different from story lines in the singleplayer campaigns, like in Off The Grid the area is surrounded by the Derelict but in gameplay this area leads into the AA guns.

In Survivor the two teams have set missions, for the Marines it is to stay alive and complete Survival Ops for highest score and for the Aliens it is to Wipe out the marines before the time runs out.


Off the Grid
Off the Grid

Off the Grid is set on the surface of LV426 in buildings enclaved by the Derelict.


A multiplayer escape map in Aliens: Colonial Marines, Limited Edition, Collector's Edition and Extermination Editions.



Stay alive and complete Survival Ops for highest score
(Survival Op points awarded for finding tasks which will help in your survival)



Wipe out the marines before the time runs out


A multiplayer map.

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