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As with the earlier articles and gallery, the

areas appearing more dimensional are the jungle and jungle as the background with actors in the forefront. Canopies are still distant but foliage, branches and tree trunks clearly are 3D, this is comparable with other 3D films except the darker films where there is little variance, it is clear that there could be other conversions amongst the Alien/Predator franchise. A popular film version emerging that gives audiences a chance for a 3D experience at home, as it is a fairly new concept, the films are usually 2D conversions and not necessarily of the best versions available.



Quality semi/automaticEdit

Of two ways for a 3D version, one is quality semiautomatic conversion using depth mapping and the other automatic conversion using objects detected in motion. The quality semiautomatic conversion is the better and more expensive, reducing images into black and white and using a depth map calculating the differences based on colour and tone. The cheaper and used on YouTube and other similiar applications, is automatic conversion using movement as the calculation for objects. This is straight forward as most upload files and videos made are in the format jpg, jpeg or mpeg (2-4), these already reduce the amount of data used for storing the files by only adding changed movement from one scene to the next. A reduction of 50/80% would be normal for such data.


So as a comparison the Blu-ray 3D of Predator version (referred as a 2D/3D transfer) is a quality

semiautomatic conversion and the DVD an automatic conversion (produced by standard 2D/3D conversion software). The Blu-ray version had been enhanced before conversion compared with the DVD version which emanates from the Widescreen Collector's Edition version of the film for comparison.

As for the 3D Blu-ray and DVD version comparisons:


'We're a rescue team, not assassins'
In this scene the characters are the main focus, the blurring from the make-shift palapa and they could and could not be in 3D, when Dutch smokes the depth increases, this is noticeable from many scenes were the characters are focused on, this scene occurring at night.

'What do you mean, we?'
Another scene with the shifting camera position and single source of light.

'General my team always works alone, you know that!'
As Dutch relights a cigar again, before checking extraction details.

'What's are back-up?'
A completely red image leaving the Blu-ray version clearly better and this includes other areas not limited in loosing it's filter colours.


'Jim Hopper.. I knew these men, they were green berets out of Fort Bragg'
Shocking as the scene is, it some how fails in 3D, and not as shocking as suddenly walking through the undergrowth into a number of skinned corpses as it should be.


'Major, looks like there was a fire fight!'
Corpses lacked the depth but in the same scene the characters continue and impress just wanting the story to continue and ignore the unconvincing bits.


'Show time kid'
Approach of the guerrilla camp, as the team target the guards. Both DVD and Blu-ray manage all colours, shadows and depth, and making for a convincing 3D experience.


'The target is at the center of the palamo'
One of the better 3D scenes as the two guerrillas separate from the explosion and tumble forward, it's a scene that you'll remember for it's depth and believability, although this scene shot from a different angle is used again but fails to be as convincing.


'Get that mother!'
Dillion asks for support from the tree canopy guerrillas as Blain enters the frame using O'Painless, a weapon that seemed like it had infinite rounds.


'Aarrggghhhh.. Aarrggghhhh..'
After the fight at the palamo and after Blain's death. Filmed from different angles and all as good as one another in either version, of the better action sequences, both Blu-ray and DVD doesn't fall short in the conversion.


'What happened? - I saw it! - Saw what?'
After the smoke starts clearing the team still confused, Dutch steps forward asking for answers, similiar with jungle scenes from earlier in the film, a wide low angle capturing some of that 3 dimensional jungle which is excellent in both versions. 'Major, can't find any tracks - Billy' - 'No blood, no bodies, we hit nothing - Poncho'.


'If it bleeds, we can kill it!
Setting a trap and waiting, Dutch steps forward as bait, 3D? yes in Blu-ray, not so convincing in the DVD version, possibly partly due with the definition not lacking in other scenes.

'I got you mother f$&!??, I got you'
Mac and Dillion give chase after the predator, de-cloaking as they run towards it, as some scenes are CGI they fail in converting properly although the next scene also in CGI doesn't have any problem


'Get to the chopper!'
In their escape Dutch splits from the others and falls into the water, predator soon following, water affecting it's cloaking it is switched off. Unlike problems with other CGI scenes the uncloaking is as affective in both Blu-ray and DVD


'You're one ugly mother f$&!??'
Dutch being trapped, Classic removes his mask. One of the few darker scenes limited as others were of 3D effects in the dark.


'Bad idea!'
As they are fighting Dutch realizes that there is no chance and runs away. Still dark but clear and as the action picks up, does it matter it's in 3D, both versions' focus is put on actors - waiting and hoping it lightens up fairly soon.


'What the hell are you?'
Lifting a rock above his head and then lowering it, having second thoughts about killing it. Dead or not still dangerous, and satisfying to know that this is almost how the director John McTiernan and production crew would of being watching the film when producing it.



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