Predator 2
(Special Edition)
Directors: Stephen Hopkins
Producers: Joel Silver
Lawrence Gordon

John Davis

Actors: Danny Glover
Gary Busey

Rubén Blades
Maria Conchita Alonso
Kevin Peter Hall

Writers: Jim Thomas
John Thomas
Release date: 18 April 2005
Run Time: 102 minutes
Format: PAL Dolby Digital (5.1)
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 Widescreen Anamorphic
Classification: 18
Number of discs: 2 DVD
Studio: Silver Pictures

Lawrence Gordon Productions
Davis Entertainment

Region: 2 Europe

Predator 2Edit

The Predator is back - this time hunting Los Angeles! It comes from a distant world to hunt people for sport. Invisible and armed with powerful weapons unlike anything we know, it stalks its human quarry mercilessly, leaving mangled corpses in its wake. Last time it landed in the jungle - this time it's chosen LA. Ravaged by open warfare between rival drug gangs, LA is the perfect killing ground for the Predator, who is driven by heat and conflict. When the police find a mutilated body,

Lieutenant Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover) thinks it's the work of the feuding gangs. Then a mysterious government agent (Gary Busey) arrives and orders him to stay off the case. Instead, Harrigan sets out to learn what is really going on and comes face to face with a savage alien in a climactic, electrifying confrontation.

Special EditionEdit

There's two audio commentaries for the film, one by the writers and another by the director, that go into some depth about the making of the movie.

On the second disc there is a featurette about how the movie was made, detailing aspects such as why they decided to set it in the city and how difficult it was to get the film finished because of all the optical effects. The featurette has interviews from people such as Gary Busey and the Predator himself, Kevin Peter Hall. Also thrown in are some segments about the Pred's weapons and how the camouflage effects were achieved alongside some old previews for the movie and a large photo archive.


Alan Silvestri's score.

The 'Special Edition' has new cover and disc art and new interactive menus.

Audio commentaries for the film, writers and director.

Disc 1Edit

Audio commentary from director Stephen Hopkins.
Audio commentary from writers Jim Thomas and John Thomas.

Disc 2Edit

3 'Evolutions' segments.
6 'Weapons Of Choice' clips.
'Hunter And The Hunted' featurette.
'The Predator Goes To Town' featurette.
'International Making Of' featurette.
'Creating The Ultimate Hunter' featurette.
2 specially extended 'Hard Core' special reports.
Stills gallery

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