Predator Spacecraft
Predator Spacecraft
Predator Spacecraft
Predator Craft
alloy polymer, active cloak
Gravitational displacement:
Life support:
nitrogen, oxygen
1 decks, 1 flight


A Predator Spacecraft is a craft that appears in Alien v Predator - Jaguar, Predator (film), Predator 2 (film) and Aliens v Predator: Requiem (film).

Predator Spacecrafts feature a control room, a trophy room and illuminated craved walls which emit a yellowish/gold light, some feature other rooms like a specimen room and most are equipped with control rooms.

Although only in the film Aliens v Predator: Requiem a control room with a navigation HUD appears like the Holo Display aboard Predator's Ships, although a control room, a selection of trophies after being cleaned were hung along the walls. Also in the film was a room containing live specimens, mostly of face huggers, designs plans from film varied from others.


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Appearances in the following;
Alien v Predator - Jaguar

Predator 2 (film)
Aliens v Predator: Requiem (film)
Aliens v Predator: Requiem (video game)

Other craft

Drop Pods
Predator Dropship
Predator's Ship



Alien v Predator - Jaguar
Having followed the Derelict craft which was towed back to the Training Base by the U.S.C.M. Irata, a Predator sets out on his hunt.


Predator 2 (film)
The Predator Spacecraft is used by a Predator arriving on Earth and using the spacecraft as a base, later Lt. Mike Harrigan follows the Predator who returns aboard his ship and the two fight to the death.

Aliens v Predator: Requiem (film)
A Predator Spacecraft released from a Predator's Ship later crash lands on Earth due from a hull breach by a Predator's Plasma Castor as they try stopping the escaping the Aliens and Face Huggers.



Alien v Predator - Jaguar


A Predator Spacecraft features in the game Alien v Predator (Jaguar) docked at the Training Base, after having followed the Derelict craft it features as part of the game in sub level 3 accessible by Predators and Marines.

The layout of the spacecraft features more like a maze, this follows as with the levels aboard the Derelict and Golgotha. The use of 2D sprites and surfaces were a feature of games in the 1990's, though consisting of 2D surfaces there was a large open central area, a control room and various other rooms that were consistent with the films.


Predator 2 (film)
A Predator Spacecraft features in the film Predator 2, a craft that is buried underground.



Design of a predator spacecraft was a smaller spacecraft that could land on the surface and also be hidden in a subterranean cavern.

Production designer Lawrence G Paul drawing influences from Mayan designs and patterns, designed the interior of the spacecraft with carved walls and surfaces which would be illuminated which a yellow gold light.

A trophy room was added with the skulls designed and produced by Stan Winston School, Stan Winston added the inclusion of an Alien skull which drew on references to the comics and Aliens v Predator stories as well as other alien creatures with King Willie's skull being added after being killed and cleaned. The Alien skull was played down in filming but appeared clearer in the final scene as Harrigan enters.



Stages 6, 20 and 21 were used for the construction and filming of the Predator Spacecraft at 20th Century Fox Studios, Los Angeles, California, with Howard A. Anderson Company and Visual Concept Engineering adding additional visual effects. To give the required glowing surfaces and walls, bright stage lights were positioned behind walls that were constructed to be thin and clad in a gold coloured film with large blocks of dry ice giving the smoke and steam effects of a working spacecraft.



The set was used in the final scenes as Mike Harrigan followed the tracks which lead through the elevator into the cavern and aboard the spacecraft, external imaging being produced against a green screen with matte paintings.

Here a battle commences which leaves the Predator dead, moments later a group of Predators appeared, played by LA Lakers players, a scene that involved them shooting multiple blue screen with screen shots as they appeared on screen. The different predator designs for the scene were given to the artist at Stan Winston School who created their own designs for each with the Elder predator being called the 'Grey Back' on set and other predators called Lost and Guardian.

Aliens v Predator: Requiem (film)
Similiar in size a Predator Spacecraft also appears in the film Aliens v Predator: Requiem (film) being released from a Predator's Ship and later landing on the surface of Earth due to a xenomorph escape.



Designs for the spacecraft were a reuse of the spacecraft from the film Predator 2, with extra corridors and a flight deck that included a holo and star map not featured before.


Cryo-stasis tubes

Except for the table were the predator is cleaning trophies which was filmed on set at Paramount, the entire spacecraft in the film was created in CGI, this included the flight deck and control room, the corridors and the room with the specimen Face Huggers and although a CGI spacecraft the landing was filmed on location in Vancouver Canada.

This was to save money in production, two Cryo-Stasis Tubes were made for the film one as Wolf collects a specimen for analysis and the other as the Aliens all escape through a hull breach.

Visual effects were added by Hydraulx, brothers Colin and Greg Strause effects company and Amalgamated Dynamics added the creatures as they appeared both suited actors and puppet models.

Aliens v Predator Requiem (video game)
In the game a Predator lands in a Drop Pod as he sets about cleaning the scene. In gameplay a Predator Spacecraft and Predator's Ship appears, the Predator Spacecraft appears in the credits but in the game it is a Predator's Ship with the same interior, laser beam cutter and bridge which featured in the film Alien v Predator.

Based around the film, a predator arrives in a Drop Pod as opposed with a Drop Ship, also unlike the film there are pieces of a Predator's Ship which also must be cleaned.


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Alien v Predator (Jaguar)
Predator (film)
Predator 2 (film)
Aliens v Predator: Requiem (film)


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