Predators: Preserve the Game
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Predators: Preserve the Game


Predators: Preserve the Game was release in July 2010, the comic was set a few weeks after the film Predators.

The story continues on the Game Reserve as the survivors Isabelle and Royce struggle to exist in the jungle where they are still being hunted by even more predators.

Continuing with Royce alone, as he abandoned Isabelle but during the story considers if that was the right thing. Predators continue to air drop prey and they force Royce to kill them, later a Predator arms Royce with armour and mask which was made just for him. Made partly for his battle with a four armed predator and other foe.


Predators Preserve the Game3

Allan Jefferson artist has illustrated for War Machine and Arrow before with David Lapham writing for Stray Bullets and Young Liars.

The comic includes;
Story written by David Lapham
Artwork by Allan Jefferson, David Rivera, Jordi Tarragona and Michelle Madsen
40 pages.


Author David Lapham with Allan Jefferson, David Rivera, Jordi Tarragona and Michelle Madsen as illustrators


Predators: Preserve the Game occurs after the film Predators and follows the events after Predators (comic).

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