Predators (Blu-Ray)
Directors: Nimrod Antal
Robert Rodriguez
John Davis
Elizabeth Avellan

Danny Trejo
Laurence Fishburne
Alice Braga
Topher Grace

Adrien Brody

Michael Finch
Alex Litvak
Release date: 19th Oct 2010

1st Nov 2010

Run Time: 321 minutes
Format: PAL Dolby Digital
DTS (5.1)
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 - 2.35:1
Classification: R
Number of discs: 2 Blu-Ray
Studio: Troublemaker Studios
Davis Entertainment
Region: A/1

B/2 Europe


Predators (film) continues and expands the earlier films, directed by Robert Rodriguez and staring Adrien Brody as Royce, a mercenary who leads the group after they are air dropped and have grouped together. They are brought there to be hunted as prey by an elite group of predators who choose killers and hunters for worthy sport.


Commentary by Robert Rodriguez and Nimrod Antal (1: 46)
Tactics of War: Featurette from Theatrical (3:00)
Fox Movie Channel Presents Making A Scene (6:00)
Motion Comics:
Moments Of Extraction (6 Parts, 9:57)
Crucified (1 Part, 1:04)
Deleted & Extended Scenes (10:51)
Evolution of the Species: Predator Reborn (6 part featurette, 36:00)
The Chosen: Character Featurette (4:33)


Predators: Bonus Digital Copy

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