Predators (comic)
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Predators (comic)


Predators (comic) issue one release July 2010.

Predators (film) continues and expands the earlier films, directed by Robert Rodriguez and staring Adrien Brody as Royce, a mercenary who leads the group after they are air dropped and have grouped together. They are brought there to be hunted as prey by an elite group of predators who choose killers and hunters for worthy sport. Predators (comic) is told through the eyes of Isabelle.


Predators comic2

The comic includes;
Story written by Paul Tobin
Artwork by Victor Drujiniu, Tony Kordos, Jordi Tarragona, David Rivera, Cirque Studios
72 pages.


Author Paul Tobin with Victor Drujiniu, Tony Kordos, Jordi Tarragona, David Rivera and Cirque Studios as illustrators

In October 2010 the series of Predator comics that included the film adaptation and complete expanded story was bundled in one 184 page volume.


Predators (comic) occurs during the film Predators and follows events afterwards with Predators: Preserve the Game comic continuing the story.

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Predators 2010
Predators (comic)


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