Price of Admission AvP2
Prince Of Admission

Price of Admission

Aliens v Predator 2 singleplayer map set on LV1201.


U.S        30th October 2001
Europe     30th October 2001


Primary Operations Complex security zone a large military complex on a number of floors with security doors and checkpoints.

Date: January 07, 2231
Time: 12:10 AM
Incident: +6 Weeks, 19.00 hours
Mission Time: 19.00 hours
Location: Primary Operations Complex, Secured Zone

A trap by Rykov has been set.

'Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, the Incident. Appendix A – Summary.

Tracking the Marine expedition becomes increasingly difficult with the commencement of Operation Savior, particularly in regards to White Team. From reliable records, it’s clear that shortly after the Verloc’s second dropship departed for the Forward Pods, White Team broke off contact with the Verloc. From this period onwards, we are left only with uncorroborated testimony of a single low-ranking Marine. Given the events he describes, we find it hard to accept his depiction as fact. Simply put, we need not introduce a third species to explain the destruction of the Southern Landing.'

In landing bay 3 while after White Team is attacked by a Heavy Predator.


Price of Admission AvP2
Prince Of Admission

Part of an installation on LV1201.


A marine's singleplayer map in Aliens v Predator 2.



Level V - Price of Admission
Objectives: Rendezvous with white team in landing bay 3; do not kill other marines.


A singleplayer map.

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Aliens v Predator 2 (video game)

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