Aliens: Colonial Marines multiplayer TDM and Extermination map set in the undamaged Atmosphere Processor near Hadley's Hope installation on LV426, available with the DLC DLC Movie Map Pack.


Australia  11th June 2013
U.S        11th June 2013
Europe     12th June 2013


This is an indoor map set in part of the Atmosphere Processor which featured in the film Aliens as the squad first make a descent towards the colonists.

As with other DLC maps like Bug Hunt and Reconnaissance, areas and layouts are different from story lines in the singleplayer campaigns and from the Alien films, like in Processor which only features two levels of the Atmosphere Processor.

In this level as in a few others a Xeno Boiler and Xeno Crusher can be awakened, these Aliens can be selected and chosen in gameplay as a highlighted Xeno usually appearing in an area not accessed by marines.



A multiple level map with the APC from the film left in the central area, levels lead away descending towards the cooling pipes and heat exchangers in a hive area and up on gantries that surround the central area.


A multiplayer map in Aliens: Colonial Marines, Limited Edition, Collector's Edition and Extermination Editions.


Walkthrough TDMEdit

Kill all Xenos

Walkthrough ExterminationEdit

Destroy the Xeno Egg Clusters


Walkthrough TDMEdit

Kill all marines

Walkthrough ExterminationEdit

Defend the Egg Clusters


Available in multiplayer.

See alsoEdit

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Aliens: Colonial Marines


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