Prometheus (film)
Prometheus 3D (Blu-ray)
Directors: Ridley Scott

Producers: Ridley Scott
Walter Hill
David Giler

Actors: Michael Fassbender
Charlize Theron
Noomi Rapace
Idris Elba
Patrick Wilson
Guy Pearce
Rafe Spall
Logan Marshall-Green
Florian Robin
Sean Harris
James Payton
Darwin Shaw

Kate Dickie
Lucy Hutchinson
Emun Elliott
Vladimir 'Furdo' Furdik
Benedict Wong
James Embree
Shane Steyn

Writers: Damon Lindelof
Jon Spaihts
Release date: 1 June 2012
Run Time: 124 minutes
Format: NTSC/PAL DTS (5.1)
Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1/2.40:1
Classification: R / 15
Number of discs: various
Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Region: A / B


Archaeological digs in Africa revealed alien artifacts that humans were genetically engineered by a advanced alien race (space jockeys). These "Alien Gods" also terraformed Earth in order to make it habitable for human. Amongst finds at the digs were coordinates found in artifacts that showed the route to the Alien God's home-world.

Following finding the coordinates, months later Weyland Corporation launched the spaceship USCSS Prometheus and it's crew, into deep space to speak with them. Due to faster than light travel only a few years later USCSS Prometheus entered the Zeta 2 Riticuli star system and LV223. There they found Alien Temples aligned in rows, inside they found what they were searching for, a living Space Jockey.

By Weyland's wish the surviving crew set off for the Derelict and Space Jockey. They find that the Space Jockey is hostile killing them and leaving only one surviving crew member who must escape and notify the crew aboard Prometheus.

Prometheus ReleaseEdit

Theatrical release run time 124mins (extended version +17mins)

UK release 1st June 2012
US release 8th June 2012

Prometheus DVDEdit

Prometheus DVD

Prometheus Blu-rayEdit

Prometheus Blu-ray

Prometheus (Special Edition)Edit

Prometheus Blu-ray three-disc set (3 BDs) Digital copy (on disc) Blu-ray 3D.

Prometheus (Collector's Edition)Edit

Prometheus (Collector's Edition).


Prometheus musical score by Marc Streitenfeld and English composer Harry Gregson-William with additional music by Darzen Bosnjak.


Prometheus, 10th April 2012 first 3D footage screening at Leicester Sq. London.

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