Reactor AvP


An Aliens v Predator multiplayer map set on LV426.


U.S        21st Mar 2001
Europe     21st Mar 2001


A Weyland-Yutani's Historical Nuclear Reactor Research Centre.


Reactor AvP

Reactor is a traditional medium to large Deathmatch style level designed in a classic Quake 3 or Unreal Tournament flavour. A series of narrow corridors lead from one outdoor area to the next. Large spacious areas have catwalks above; and below lie large pools of green toxic effluent. A variety of industrial stylised set pieces are littered about the map include leaking drums containing radioactive substances and a large electrical archway. One area of the map has undergone some serious mishap and has collapsed and as a result has left rubble and broken bridges in its wake. A dropship can be viewed from an unbreakable window departing for an unknown destination.

Reactor AvP is available with the 'AvP Gold Edition Pak 07'.

These are official "map paks" from Rebellion Software. Each pak contains two new maps for the Gold Edition version of AvP:

Pak 1 - Piranesi & Conflict
Pak 2 - Bane & Ethereal
Pak 3 - Bleak & Azure
Pak 4 - Last Stand & Storage
Pak 5 - Fossil & Flesh Box
Pak 6 - Jungle, Neon StorageXL
Pak 7 - Reactor & Biosphere


A multiplayer map in Aliens v Predator Gold and Aliens v Predator Classic 2000.


Available in multiplayer.

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Aliens v Predator (video game)


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