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In a Shoreditch warehouse in October 2009, Secret Cinema presented Alien featuring Tim Exile, based around the film Alien directed by Ridley Scott. Reenacting scenes from the film similiar with the event Brave New Ventures collabrated with Secret Cinema in April 2012, inviting participants into an event called 'Alien'.

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Director Fabian explained, “It has always been positive. We have a relationship with Ridley Scott, and we’ve now done three films with him. When we did Alien (1979) he did an introduction to it, in character, talking to the audience as “Captain Scott”. He was really interested in the concept and allowed us to do Blade Runner (1982) and Prometheus (2012) as well. We’re as truthful to the films as possible, and hopefully we create a world that’s interpreted in an interesting and different way."

Secret Cinema 'Alien' appeared in London (2009) and Berlin (Dec 2010). The audience were provided with disposable medical suits on arrival and met with an introduction, inside persons dressed in spacesuits and actors played different roles in the film Alien with a short screening of the film. A number of stands showed items or scenes from the film including Ash in medical and the Nostromo's computer Muther.

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Secret CinemaEdit

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Plot Outline
Secret Cinema, brought to you by Future Cinema, is a growing community of all who love cinema, experience and the unknown.

Secret audience. Secret locations. Secret worlds.

The time is now to change how we watch films.

Whisper only amongst yourselves. Keep the motion. Tell-no one.

More about Secret cinema including videos and images.

Future CinemaEdit

Secret Cinema presents Alien

Secret Cinema Presents Alien. October 2009. Somewhere in London01:40

Secret Cinema Presents Alien. October 2009. Somewhere in London.

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