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Secret Cinema PrometheusEdit

Secret Cinema8

During June Brave New Ventures collabrated with Secret Cinema inviting participants in an event called 'Prometheus', meeting at a tube station and being led away in a costume of the film to a secret location where they then interacted in the events.

Secret Cinema8

The ExperienceEdit

Secret Cinema2

Framestore's digital team, teamed up with Secret Cinema in an undisclosed central London location creating VFX experiences that gave attendees a taste of the film, Pseudo medical X-ray scanners using Xbox's motion-sensing Kinect cameras, landing films and 3D maps based on ground plans of the event's secret location.

Secret Cinema7
Secret Cinema3
Secret Cinema2
Secret Cinema6

Secret CinemaEdit

Secret Cinema3

"It’s not a secret any longer so we can talk about what we did for their showing of Prometheus (which took an impressive 3% of the film’s UK box office takings), we ran with the sci-fi theme and made a medical-style X-ray scanner that used Xbox 360 Kinect cameras to sense peoples movement. we also helped create the landing films, a giant movie wallpaper and 3D maps based on ground plans of the event’s secret location. What we’re most proud of is that our visual effects helped to blur the lines between the passive experience of watching and the active experience of taking part."

Secret Cinema4
Secret Cinema5

Secret CinemaEdit

Secret Cinema10

More about Secret cinema and Brave New Ventures, including videos and images.

Secret Cinema9

Future CinemaEdit

Motion Graphics

Secret Cinema - Prometheus - Motion Graphics04:24

Secret Cinema - Prometheus - Motion Graphics

Secret Cinema presents Prometheus

Secret Cinema presents Prometheus02:16

Secret Cinema presents Prometheus

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