Security Sub System
Security Sub System2

Security Sub SystemEdit

An Alien Breed (iOS) map from Alien Breed Convergence, set aboard ISRC-4 a prison and research installation near the Red Giant 'Gianor'.


Alien Breed Convergence Aug 2012 


Alien Breed Convergence is made up of the levels; Lower Landing Bay, Security Sub System, Power Sub System and Shuttle Control, Johnson and Stone return aboard ISRC-4 after having been there in Alien Breed and Alien Breed'92, also arriving in the Landing Bay.


Security Sub System
Security Sub System

Set in the Security Sub System, floors are now blue in colour, some doors are sealed others can be shot or keys used, arrows mark a route to follow and the exit is reached when you enter the lift.


Having escaped and cleared the Lower Landing Bay, IPC Stone descends to the Security Sub System, here IPC Stone needs to reach the next level Power Sub System while collecting any ammo or credits as he goes. On this level Security Sub System there is a countdown timer for destruction, IPC Stone must escape the level before it finishes. This timer is triggered by destroying the large terminal interface, from here IPC Stone needs to find the lift to the next level in less than 60 seconds.

As with all Alien Breed levels, purchases can be made at the terminals, in Alien Breed (iOS) the shop replaces these and can be access at any time, these can supply a player with weapons, ammo and health.


Only playable in singleplayer.

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