An Alien Breed map, set aboard the Ghost Ship.

The second level in Alien Breed: Descent following Prologue in freeplay, and the first in singleplayer.


Alien Breed: Descent 17th November 2010 


Subversion on the Ghost Ship, as in most levels Conrad in singleplayer will be up against Maulers, Larvae, Stunners, Screamers, Webbers, Healers and Electro-shockers which have been introduced in Alien Breed: Descent. You start with help from and assisting Mia in Subversion, but she is trapped early in the level, you will meet up with her later, but she is being held in an particle converter and due to an electrical overload is transformed into an alien so you will have to kill her.



Set aboard the Ghost Ship in Alien Breed: Descent.


Walkthrough available with Alien Breed: Descent.

Alien Breed: Descent freeplay/singleplayer.
Follow the waypoints to the Power Gyro.
Follow the waypoints to the Halon Control.
Activate the the Halon Control to clear the route ahead.
Locate the explosive charge.
Plant explosive charge on the weakened door.
Restore power to the Access Duct.
Follow the waypoints to the Power Assignation console.
Re-route power to the Access Duct Control console.
Follow the waypoints back to the Duct Control console.
Lower the water level to allow access through the Coolant room.
Open the flood gates to the Coolant room.
Take the alternative route to the Gyro Chamber.
Power down the outer Gyro ring.
Power down the middle Gyro ring.
Power down the central Gyro ring.
Prime the gyrosopic core to overload.
Restart the Gyro.
Return to the Mainframe Core and confront Mia.


Available in freeplay and singleplayer.

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