Temple Descent
Temple Descent

Temple DescentEdit

A singleplayer map for the Predator in AVP: Evolution.


Australia  28th Feb 2013
U.S        28th Feb 2013
Europe     28th Feb 2013


A Temple, you start at the lower entrance and enter the Temple with Runners, Warriors and Predators slowing your progress, activating the Temple's rotating leavers allows you to continue and as you do more Xenos and a Predator appears with Face Huggers in the further lower levels. Before escaping as you descend through the Temple and the entrance to the next level, multiple Predators appear and try to stop you.


Temple Descent
Temple Descent

A Temple complex on multiple levels.


Drones, Runners, Warriors, Predators and Face Huggers.



Young Jungle Hunter Predator, you're getting closer to the belly of the beast. Head inside the Temple and face your foes.
Make your way through the Temple to the Queen's Chamber.


A singleplayer map.

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