Aliens: Colonial Marines multiplayer survival map set on LV426 from the DLC Bug Hunt.


Australia  19th Mar 2013
U.S        19th Mar 2013
Europe     19th Mar 2013


Tribute is a multiplayer survival map consisting of 30 timed levels increasing in difficultly. The use of Sentry Guns and Smart Guns help with the increasing number of Xenos, these include the Xeno Soldiers, Xeno Spitters and Xeno Lurkers with W-Y Grunts appearing as you progress.



Tribute is set on LV426 in and about Hadley's Hope installation. The colony is situated on two floors with multiple rooms leading off the corridors, the outside has the features found in the film Aliens with colony buildings, comm links and storm walls. There is a small amount of weather conditions, mostly rain and wind with mist which has been carried into the colony buildings.

Tribute features Hadley's Hope with all it's rooms including Operations, Med. Labs, Crew Quarters and a Morgue. Hadley's Hope and the Atmosphere Processor is undamaged in this game and during gameplay you can roam about the colony's complex.


A multiplayer survival map for up to four players in Aliens: Colonial Marines, Limited Edition, Collector's Edition and Extermination Editions.



A multiplayer survival level were you fight off the increasingly more difficult waves of Xenos, using your weapons that you've already unlocked, cash is awarded for tasks and kills, the cash can be used at ammo containers found through the level, players have the same ability of reviving other marines and if you die you can buy your way back in with cash.

There are suppressors to activate and once set-up produce an emp pulse stunning and naturalizing any Aliens, these should only be activated once there is a reduced xeno activity as the remaining xenos will attack from all directions. Mines and explosive can be activated to complete tasks and after the first few levels W-Y Grunts appear adding to the difficultly. Sentry Guns and Smart Guns are just some of the weapon pick-ups in addition will weapons already unlocked.


Survive 30 waves of enemies.
Activate suppressors to reduce enemy threat!


A multiplayer map.

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