The Ultimate Annihilation Collection
The Ultimate Annihilation Collection
Directors: Colin Strause
Greg Strause
David Fincher
James Cameron
Jean-Pierre Jeunet
John McTiernan
Paul W.S. Anderson
Stephen Hopkins

Ridley Scott

Joel Silver
Walter Hill

Sigourney Weaver
John HurtCarrie Henn
Paul Reiser
Lance Henriksen
Harry Dean Stanton
Ian Holm
Yaphet Kotto

Brian Glover
Paul McGann
Charles Dance
Charles S. Dutton
Winona Ryder
Ron Perlman
Dan Hedaya
Brad Dourif
Michael Wincott
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Jesse Ventura
Carl Weathers
Sonny Landham
Danny Glover
Kevin Peter Hall
Gary Busey
Sanaa Lathan
Raoul Bova
Ewen Bremner
Steven Pasquale
Reiko Aylesworth
John Ortiz
Ariel Gade

James Cameron
David Giler
Dan O'Bannon
Ronald Shusett
Walter Hill
Release date: 28th May 2007

16th Nov 2011

Run Time: 1049 minutes
Format: PAL DTS-HD Master Audio (5.1)
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen
Classification: R /18 /MA15+
Number of discs: 11 Blu-ray
Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Region: 1/2/4

Alien/AvP/Predator: The Ultimate Annihilation CollectionEdit

Disc 1: Alien (1979)/Alien (2003 Director's Cut) - DD 5.1 & DTS.
Disc 2: Aliens (1986)/Aliens Special Edition - DD 5.1.
Disc 3: Alien3 (1992)/Alien3 Extended Cut - DD 5.1.
Disc 4: Alien Resurrection (1997)/Alien Resurrection Extended Cut - DD 5.1 & DTS.
Disc 5: Predator (1987) - DD 5.1 & DTS.
Disc 6: Predator 2 (1990) - DD 5.1 & DTS.
Disc 7: Predators (2010) - DD 5.1 & DTS.
Disc 8: Alien vs Predator (2004)/AVP Extended Unrated Version (incorporates all deleted/extended scenes = 8 mins longer) - DD 5.1 & DTS.
Disc 9: Aliens vs Predator: Requiem (2007) - DD 5.1 & DTS.
Disc 10/11: 2 bonus disc featuring over 35 hours of special features.


Collectors cards either 'Reprints' or 'Lobby' cards.
Production art and sketches.
Individually numbered collector's certificate.
Deluxe hardcover collector's book packaging.
2 bonus disc featuring over 35 hours of special features.
10 collector cards.
42 page booklet with rare facts, trivia and images.


A chilling science fiction story of seven astronauts who become the victims of a galactic horror when they stumble upon an alien life form never seen before.


Ripley is asked to go back to the planet where the aliens were first found, when communications with the colonists are lost.

Alien 3Edit

Ellen Ripley finds herself on a penal colony. It is not long before Ripley realises that her doomed escape pod was contaminated with the alien.

Alien ResurrectionEdit

Set two hundred years after Ripley. A group of scientists clone her and the parasitic alien. Anxious to test out their new weapon the scientists abduct a crew. The alien escapes and takes control of the spacecraft with only 'Ripley' and a team of smugglers standing between it and Earth.


Set in the remote jungle of a Central American country, where an elite group of commandos embarks on a mission to clear out a guerrilla stronghold and rescue the remaining hostages. However, the hunters become thr hunted.

Predator 2Edit

The police force of 1997 Los Angeles losing the battle against the drug lords and the gangs of thugs which control the streets. Suddenly the killers are the victims of an alien being.

Alien vs PredatorEdit

The iconic monsters from two of the scariest film franchises ever, battle each other on Earth for the first time on film. The discovery of an ancient pyramid buried in Antarctica sends a team of scientists and adventurers to the frozen continent. There, they make an even more terrifying discovery: Two alien races engaged in the ultimate battle!

Aliens vs Predator: RequiemEdit

A Predator on a homebound spacecraft has a baby alien/Predator hybrid burst from his chest, causing the ship to crash in the Colorado woods. The dead Predator's home planet receives a transmission of the alien outbreak, and a fellow denizen of his world is dispatched to clean up the multiplying aliens.


A bold new chapter in the Predator universe, shot under the creative auspices of Robert Rodriguez, stars Adrien Brody as Royce, a mercenary who reluctantly leads a group of elite warriors who come to realize they’ve been brought together on an alien planet… as prey. With the notable exception of a disgraced physician, they are all cold-blooded killers, mercenaries, Yakuza, convicts, death squad members, human 'predators' that are now being systemically hunted and eliminated by a new breed of alien Predators in the ultimate battle of survival of kill, or be killed.


The Ultimate Annihilation Collection content

Alien Theatrical Version + 2003 Director's Cut
Aliens Theatrical Version + 1990 Special Edition
Alien 3 Theatrical Version + 2003 Restored Edition
Alien Resurrection Theatrical Version + 2003 Special Edition
Alien vs Predator Unrated Version
Aliens vs Predator: Requiem Theatrical Version
Predator Ultimate Edition
Predator 2 Theatrical Version
Predators Theatrical Version

Bonus Discs:Edit

Disc 10: Making The Alien Anthology
You now have the ability to go even deeper into Alien Anthology history with nearly five hours of additional video Enhancement Pods created exclusively for this collection, presenting behind-the-scenes footage, raw dailies and interview outtakes from all four films. At topical points in the documentaries, you may access these pods to enhance your experience, or watch them on their own from the separate Enhancement Pod index.

The Beast Within: Making Alien

Star Beast: Developing the Story
The Visualists: Direction and Design
Truckers in Space: Casting
Fear of the Unknown: Shepperton Studios, 1978
The Darkest Reaches: Nostromo and Alien Planet
The Eighth Passenger: Creature Design
Future Tense: Editing and Music
Outward Bound: Visual Effects
A Nightmare Fulfilled: Reaction to the Film
Enhancement Pods

Superior Firepower: Making Aliens

57 Years Later: Continuing the Story
Building Better Worlds: From Concept to Construction
Preparing for Battle: Casting and Characterization
This Time It’s War: Pinewood Studios, 1985
The Risk Always Lives: Weapons and Action
Bug Hunt: Creature Design
Beauty and the Bitch: Power Loader vs. Queen Alien
Two Orphans: Sigourney Weaver and Carrie Henn
The Final Countdown: Music, Editing and Sound
The Power of Real Tech: Visual Effects
Aliens Unleashed: Reaction to the Film
Enhancement Pods

Wreckage and Rage: Making Alien 3

Development Hell: Concluding the Story
Tales of the Wooden Planet: Vincent Ward’s Vision
Stasis Interrupted: David Fincher’s Vision
Xeno-Erotic: H.R. Giger’s Redesign
The Color of Blood: Pinewood Studios, 1991
Adaptive Organism: Creature Design
The Downward Spiral: Creative Differences
Where the Sun Burns Cold: Fox Studios, L.A. 1992
Optical Fury: Visual Effects
Requiem for a Scream: Music, Editing and Sound
Post-Mortem: Reaction to the Film
Enhancement Pods

One Step Beyond: Making Alien Resurrection

From the Ashes: Reviving the Story
French Twist: Direction and Design
Under the Skin: Casting and Characterization
Death from Below: Fox Studios, Los Angeles, 1996
In the Zone: The Basketball Scene
Unnatural Mutation: Creature Design
Genetic Composition: Music
Virtual Aliens: Computer Generated Imagery
A Matter of Scale: Miniature Photography
Critical Juncture: Reaction to the Film
Enhancement Pods
MU-TH-UR Mode Interactive
Experience to Access and Control
Enhancement Pods

Disc 11: The Anthology Archives


First Draft Screenplay by Dan O’Bannon
Ridleygrams: Original Thumbnails and Notes
Storyboard Archive
The Art of Alien: Conceptual Art Portfolio
Sigourney Weaver Screen Tests with Select Director Commentary
Cast Portrait Gallery

The Chestbuster: Multi-Angle Sequence with Commentary
Video Graphics Gallery
Production Image Galleries
Continuity Polaroids
The Sets of Alien
H.R. Giger’s Workshop Gallery

Post-Production and Aftermath:
Additional Deleted Scenes
Image & Poster Galleries
Experience in Terror
Special Collector’s Edition LaserDisc Archive
The Alien Legacy
American Cinematheque: Ridley Scott Q&A
Trailers & TV Spots


Original Treatment by James Cameron
Pre-Visualizations: Multi-Angle Videomatics with Commentary
Storyboard Archive
The Art of Aliens: Image Galleries
Cast Portrait Gallery

Production Image Galleries
Continuity Polaroids
Weapons and Vehicles
Stan Winston’s Workshop
Colonial Marine Helmet Cameras Video Graphics Gallery
Weyland-Yutani Inquest: Nostromo Dossiers

Post-Production and Aftermath:
Deleted Scene: Burke Cocooned
Deleted Scene Montage
Image Galleries
Special Collector’s Edition LaserDisc Archive
Main Title Exploration
Aliens: Ride at the Speed of Fright
Trailers & TV Spots

Alien 3:

Storyboard Archive
The Art of Arceon
The Art of Fiorina

Furnace Construction: Time-Lapse Sequence
EEV Bioscan: Multi-Angle Vignette with Commentary
Production Image Galleries
A.D.I.’s Workshop

Post-Production and Aftermath:
Visual Effects Gallery
Special Shoot: Promotional
Photo Archive
Alien3 Advance Featurette
The Making of Alien3 Promotional Featurette
Trailers & TV Spots

Alien Resurrection:

First Draft Screenplay by Joss Whedon
Test Footage: A.D.I. Creature Shop with Commentary
Test Footage: Costumes, Hair and Makeup
Pre-Visualizations: Multi-Angle Rehearsals
Storyboard Archive The Marc Caro Portfolio: Character Designs
The Art of Resurrection: Image Galleries

Production Image Galleries
A.D.I.’s Workshop

Post-Production and Aftermath:
Visual Effects Gallery
Special Shoot: Promotional Photo Archive
HBO First Look: The Making of Alien
Alien Resurrection Promotional Featurette
Trailers & TV Spots

Two Versions of Alien Evolution
The Alien Saga
Patches and Logos Gallery
Aliens 3D Attraction Scripts and Gallery
Aliens in the Basement: The Bob
Burns Collection
Dark Horse Cover Gallery
MU-TH-UR Mode Interactive Experience


Disc 1's from the Alien Quadrilogy set.
Predator discs from the 2-disc Special Edition's.
Alien vs Predator taken from the UK 2-disc Definitive Edition.

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