Unexpected Allies AvP2
Unexpected Aliens

Unexpected Allies

An Aliens v Predator 2 map set on LV1201.


U.S        30th October 2001
Europe     30th October 2001


Inside the Forward Observation Pods.

Date: January 06, 2231
Time: 10:22 PM
Incident: +6 weeks, 17.25 hours.
Hunt: +5 weeks, 1 day, 17 hours.
Location: Inside the Forward Observation Pods

Held in a stasis for five weeks, Prince is released but is without his mask.

'Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, the Incident. Appendix K – Scientific Records.

Holding time: five weeks, three days. The predator remains strong with high antibody count and little fever. I am surprised at its resilience after our…test. Based on the blood loss alone, it should be weak and sickly. Instead, sustained only by intravenous fluids, the creature’s immune system resists all introduced strains. Still, our understanding of its physiology increases day by day. We have time now – to work without fear. Without weapons, the creature is weak – I should say without most of its weapons. Our surgeons are still reluctant to attempt removal of its forearm bands. Eisenburg was not pleased with the death of the last one – no need to repeat that so soon.'

Collecting equipment captured and a mask Prince continues for the cargo bays.

'Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, the Incident. Appendix M – Rykov’s Journal.

Perhaps I was wrong on Eisenburg. Perhaps the captured Predators can open the door to a final solution. After all, their physiology is not magical – they have hemoglobin – they require oxygen – they can die. One sickness, one contagion, one carrier. If I kill this one, they will return. Perhaps, there are other options.'

'Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, the Incident. Appendix M – Rykov’s Journal.

Damn Eisenburg. I should have killed the creature when I could. Between him and the clumsy Marines, I am surrounded by fools. No, that is not fair. I could have fought Eisenburg harder. I gambled that we could learn from the creature. Perhaps we can. With the creature’s blood physiology, a good team could fashion a proper solution. I imagine something similar to Anthrax 9. Without the risk of human infection, we could make it much more contagious and long lasting. If we can just catch it again, I will even have a host to carry home the death of its people.'


Unexpected Allies AvP2
Unexpected Aliens

A military complex, part of an installation on LV1201, interconnecting corridors lead to control rooms and corridors interlaced through-out the installation.


A Predator's singleplayer map in Aliens v Predator 2.



Level IV - Unexpected Allies
Objectives: Find a clan mate's mask to replace your own; escape the pods; recover your clan's weapons; find a Cloaking Field Generator; leap onto the dropship.


A singleplayer map.

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Aliens v Predator 2 (video game)

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